Download Over 1,000 FREE High-Quality Photoshop BRUSHES!

Looking for the perfect Photoshop brush sets? You don’t need to sift through Google search results because you can find a vast collection of more than 1,000 FREE high-quality Photoshop brushes in the application itself!

When you use Photoshop for digital painting, adding special effects or retouching images, having a variety of brushes can dramatically improve your quality of work. Therefore, these Photoshop brushes will be of great help to you.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to find and install over 1,000 Photoshop brushes from Adobe designed by Kyle T. Webster.

You will also learn an effective way of organizing and saving your brushes in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

How To Download and Install The Free High-Quality Photoshop Brushes

To start downloading brushes, select the Brush tool or press the B key on your keyboard.

Brush Tool

On the Options bar, click the down-pointing arrow to show the Brush window.

Brush Options

On the top-right of the window, click the gear icon > Get More Brushes. 

Get More Photoshop Brushes

Right away, you will be taken into an Adobe website where you can download over 1,000 free high-quality Photoshop Brushes by Kyle T. Webster.

On this page, you will find brushes of all types, textures, designs, and purposes all organized in individual packs.

This is great for you because these are high-quality brushes specially made for graphic designers, illustrators, photo manipulators, and artists alike who use Photoshop as their digital canvas.

Free Photoshop Brushes

To download an ABR (Adobe Brush File) pack, click on the Download button.

To install the Photoshop Brushes simply click on the ABR file. If this doesn’t work, go back into Photoshop and with the Brush tool still selected, click on the down-pointing arrow in the Options bar.

Then, click the gear icon.

In the drop-down menu, select Import Brushes and find the .ABR file on your computer.

Free High-Quality Photoshop Brushes

Finally, your newly-downloaded brush pack will be placed in your brush list and can be used right away.

You can find the brushes in a folder that has the same as the pack that you downloaded.

Keyboard Shortcut To Toggle Between Photoshop Brushes

You can use Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts to easily switch between brushes without having to go into the Brushes panel.

To switch to the next brush simply press “. or the “>” key on your keyboard. 

If you want to switch to the previous brush, press the ,” or the “<” on your keyboard.

This shortcut will help you save time and make it easier for you especially if you have to work with several brushes for an illustration or to retouch photos.

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts to Resize Your Brushes

Another essential keyboard shortcut to remember is the bracket keys which allow you to resize your brush tip.

To decrease the brush size, press the “[“ key.

To increase the brush size, press the “]” key.

You can find these bracket keys beside the P key on your keyboard

How to Save Your Favorite Photoshop Brushes Into Creative Cloud Libraries

With over 1000 free Photoshop brushes, it’s easy to find your favorite! Keeping track of them, however, can be confusing.

To quickly navigate through an archive of hundreds of brushes, the best solution is to save them to a customized library.

To make one, go to Window > Libraries.

Libraries Panel

On the area of your panel, click the panel menu icon and select Create New Library.

Create New Library

Type a name for your library according to their texture, type, or purpose. Doing this will help you sift through several brushes and cut the time you will spend looking for a specific brush.

Now, time to begin adding your favorite brushes into this library!

Start adding brushes by clicking on the Brushes panel. Select your desired brush then click-and-drag the brush into your Libraries panel to save.

Save Brushes Into Library

Organize Your Free High-Quality Photoshop Brushes

Aside from being able to create your own brush library, you can also create groups within it to keep everything easier for you to find. Under the name of your library, click the drop-down menu and select View by Group. 

View By Group

Click the Create Group button and type the name of the brush according to their purpose or type.

For example, if you are saving some of the brushes for special effects purposes, then type “Effects.” If you are saving a few brushes for illustrating uses, then type “Illustration.”

Create Group

By default, the brushes saved in your libraries panel will be placed inside the Not Grouped section. To add them into a group, simply click-and-drag the brush into a group and release the mouse. 

There you have it! Everything you need to know from discovering a webpage of over 1,000 FREE high-quality Photoshop brushes, downloading and installing them, organizing them into folders, and learning the keyboard shortcuts to maximize your time!

Be sure to save these changes onto your Creative Cloud library to have access to them anytime, anywhere!

Hopefully, these methods will improve your workflow and enhance your productivity when using Adobe Photoshop.

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Jim Whiting

You just made my life so much easier! I hate trying to find brushes I have used before. This tutorial solves the problem. Thank you Jesus!