Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts 2023

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts
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Using This Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

Although the pictured keyboard above is a Windows Keyboard, these Photoshop keyboard shortcuts will also work for macOS.

Simply make the following substitutions:


Must-Know Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts!

These simple commands are pretty easy to pull off and will undoubtedly speed up your productivity and workflow.

Save AsCommand Shift SCtrl Shift S
Save for WebCommand Shift Option SCtrl Shift Alt S
UndoCommand ZCtrl Z
Step BackCommand Option ZCtrl Alt Z
DuplicateCommand JCtrl J
Duplicate all visible LayersCommand Shift Option ECtrl Shift Alt E
Hide ExtrasCommand HCtrl H
Default ColorsD (black and white)D (black and white)
Flip Foreground and Background colorsXX
Hand tool while in another toolHold SpacebarHold Spacebar
Fill with Background colorCommand DeleteCtrl Backspace
Fill with Foreground colorOption DeleteAlt Backspace
Decrease/Increase Brush Size [ or ][ or ]
Restore Last SelectionShift Command DCtrl D
Move tool while in painting toolHold CommandHold D
Eyedropper while in any paint toolHold OptionHold Alt
Cross-Hair Cursor on any painting toolCaps LockCaps Lock
Lock transparent pixels/ (backslash)/ (backslash)
Commit edits when typingCommand ReturnCtrl Enter
Open the Fill dialog boxShift DeleteShift Backspace
Commit edits when typingCommand ReturnCtrl Enter

Number Pad Keyboard Shortcuts!

To quickly change the opacity of that layer, press any number on your keyboard.
This will work for both Windows and macOS.

NumberLayer Opacity & Tool Opacity

Do a combination of number keys for a specific percentage.(i.e. 1 and 2 for 12% opacity)(i.e. 1 and 2 for 12% opacity)
FlowShift + (combination of number keys)Shift + (combination of number keys)
Fit To ScreenCommand 0Ctrl 0
Actual Pixels (100%)Command 1Ctrl 1
Load Channel as a selectionOption Command
3 (red)
4 (green)
5 (blue)
Alt Ctrl
3 (red)
4 (green)
5 (blue)

Arrow & “Other Keys” Keyboard Shortcuts!

You can find the Arrow & “other” keys between the “typewriter” keys and the numeric keypad. These Photoshop keyboard shortcuts are used primarily for moving objects or the screen to a different point.

When the Move tool is active, press any arrow keys to move 1 pixel in that direction. Hold Shift to move 10 pixels at a time.

If the Move tool is not active, hold Command (macOS) or Ctrl (Windows), tap on the arrow keys, and hold Shift to move 10 pixels simultaneously.

Move duplicate of selection 1 px: Command Option (macOS) or
Ctrl Alt (Windows) and any of the four arrow keys
Move duplicate of selection 10 px: Command Option Shift (macOS)
or Ctrl Alt Shift (Windows) and any of the four arrow keys

“Other” Keys:

Move view to upper-left cornerHomeHome
Move view to lower-right cornerEndEnd
Scroll up 1 screenPage UpPage Up
Scroll down 1 screenPage DownPage Down
Scroll left 1 screenCtrl Page UpCtrl Page Up
Scroll right 1 screen
(Hold Shift in any of the four above to move by 10 units)
Ctrl Page DownCtrl Page Down

Toolbar Shortcuts

Photoshop Toolbar 2023
Move ToolV
Lasso ToolL
Crop ToolC
Eyedropper ToolJ
Brush ToolS
History Brush ToolE
Gradient ToolG
Dodge ToolO
Horizontal Type ToolT
Rectangle ToolU
Zoom ToolZ
Toggle FG & BG colorX
Quick Mask modeQ
Rectangular Marquee ToolM
Eyedropper ToolI
Brush ToolB
History Brush ToolV
Gradient ToolG
Dodge ToolO
Text ToolT
Rectangle ToolU
Zoom ToolZ
Restore Default ColorsD
Object Selection ToolW
Frame ToolK
Spot Healing Brush ToolJ
Clone Stamp ToolS
Eraser ToolE
Blur Tool
Pen ToolP
Path Selection ToolA
Hand ToolH
Restore Default ColorsD

Painting Keyboard Shortcuts!

The Painting Photoshop keyboard shortcuts work with any painting or brush tools.

Fill with
the background color
Command Delete
(Shift Command Delete to fill only opaque pixels)
Ctrl Backspace
(Shift Ctrl Backspace to fill only opaque pixels)
Fill with
the foreground color
Option Delete
(Shift Option Delete to fill only opaque pixels)
Alt Backspace
(Shift Alt Backspace to fill only opaque pixels)
Open the fill dialog box
(with the Objection Selection Tool active)
Shift DeleteShift Backspace
Sample as
background color
Option (w/ Eyedropper)Alt (w/ Eyedropper)
Move tool while in any painting toolhold Commandhold Ctrl
Eyedropper while in any paint toolhold Optionhold Alt
Cross-Hair cursorCaps LockCaps Lock
Brush Size
[ or ][ or ]
Hardness of Brush
Shift [ or Shift ]Shift [ or Shift ]
Switch between
preset Brushes
< or >< or >
Erase to History
source state
Option Eraser ToolAlt Eraser Tool
Cycle through blend modesShift + or Shift –Shift + or Shift –
Preset Groups
Command clickCtrl click
Rotate BrushTap → or ←Tap → or ←
Rotate Brush in
15-degree Increments
Shift → or ←Shift → or ←
Set Brush Blend Mode
to Clear
Option Shift RAlt Shift R
Use Current Brush to Erase
(with the Brush Tool active)
hold the tilde key (~)
and paint to erase
hold the tilde key (~)
and paint to erase

hold the tilde key (~) .

Selection Keyboard Shortcuts!

Select AllCommand ACtrl A
Select all Opaque PixelsCommand-click on Layer ThumbnailAlt-click on Layer Thumbnail
InverseShift Command IShift Ctrl I
DeselectCommand DCtrl D
Restore Last SelectionCommand Shift DCtrl Shift D
Feather SelectionShift F6Shift F6
Draw Marquee from CenterHold OptionHold Alt
Add to a SelectionShiftShift
Subtract from a SelectionOptionAlt
Intersect with a SelectionShift-OptionShift-Alt
Move Selection (in 1-pixel Increments)Arrow KeysArrow Keys
Move Selection (in 10-pixel Increments)Shift Arrow KeysShift Arrow Keys
Move Marquee while
drawing selection
Hold SpaceHold Space
Load the luminosity of an image
as a selection
Command Option 2Ctrl Alt 2

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts for Type!

Align CenterCommand Shift CCtrl Shift C
Align LeftCommand Shift LCtrl Shift L
Align RightCommand Shift RCtrl Shift R
Justify par., left aligns last lineCommand Shift JCtrl Shift J
Justify par., force the last lineCommand Shift FCtrl Shift F
Justify paragraphCommand Shift FCtrl Shift F
Bold / Faux BoldCommand Shift BCtrl Shift B
Italic / Faux ItalicCommand Shift ICtrl Shift I
UnderlineCommand Shift UCtrl Shift U
Small CapsCommand Shift HCtrl Shift H
Show Hide SelectionCommand HCtrl H
Auto leadingCommand Shift Option ACtrl Shift Alt A
0 for trackingCommand Control Shift QCtrl Right-Click Shift Q
All Caps (on/off)Command Shift KCtrl Shift K
Hyphenation (on/off)Command Option Shift HCtrl Alt Shift H

Blend Mode Keyboard Shortcuts!

Blending Modes have shortcuts as well! You don’t have to memorize them all.
Just the ones you use most often.

Cycle through blending modesShift + or Shift –Shift + or Shift –
NormalShift Option NShift Alt N
DissolveShift Option IShift Alt I
Behind (Brush tool only)Shift Option QShift Alt Q
Clear (Brush tool only)Shift Option RShift Alt R
DarkenShift Option KShift Alt K
MultiplyShift Option MShift Alt M
Color BurnShift Option BShift Alt B
Linear BurnShift Option AShift Alt A
LightenShift Option GShift Alt G
ScreenShift Option SShift Alt S
Color DodgeShift Option DShift Alt D
Linear DodgeShift Option WShift Alt W
OverlayShift Option OShift Alt O
Soft LightShift Option FShift Alt F
Hard LightShift Option HShift Alt H
Vivid LightShift Option VShift Alt V
Linear LightShift Option JShift Alt J
Pin LightShift Option ZShift Alt Z
Hard MixShift Option LShift Alt L
DifferenceShift Option EShift Alt E
ExclusionShift Option XShift Alt X
HueShift Option UShift Alt U
SaturationShift Option TShift Alt T
ColorShift Option CShift Alt C
LuminosityShift Option YShift Alt Y

Other Useful Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts!

Switch between open documentsCommand TabCtrl Tab
Redo Last FilterCommand FCtrl F
Opens Last Filter Dialog BoxCommand Option FCtrl Alt F
Reset Dialog BoxHold Option,
Cancel turns into Reset
Hold Alt,
Cancel turns into Reset
Repeat last Transformation: Command Shift TCtrl Shift T
Highlight Fields in
the Options bar
(n/a for all tools)
(n/a for all tools) Enter
Canvas Size Dialog BoxCommand Option CCtrl Alt C
Image Size Dialog BoxCommand Option ICtrl Alt I
Show/hide panels and ToolbarTabTab
Show/hide panelsShift TabShift Tab
Don’t Snap object edge while movingHold ControlHold Right-Click
Hide all other layersOption-click on the visibility iconAlt-click on the visibility icon
Change the range of the Dodge or Burn Tools (tools must be active)


Shift Option S
Shift Option M
Shift Option H

Shift Alt S
Shift Alt M
Shift Alt H
Desaturate Sponge toolShift Option DShift Alt D
Saturate Sponge toolShift Option SShift Alt S
Threshold for bitmap imagesShift Option NShift Alt N
Keyboard Shortcuts panel
To check or set your own custom shortcuts
Command Option
Shift K
Ctrl Alt Shift K

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts For CS6 and Newer

macOS & Windows
Blur Gallery (Field, Iris, Tilt-Shift)
Temporarily hide on-canvas UIH
Temporarily show blur maskM
Load Last MeshM
Mirror ToolX

Crop Tool

Commit cropReturnEnter
Cancel cropEscEsc
Switch crop box orientation (portrait or landscape)XX
Reset crop boxDeleteBackspace
Hide and show cropped area//
Create a new crop boxShift DragShift Drag
Constrain proportionsShift-drag corner handleShift-drag corner handle
Invoke Straighten toolCommandCtrl
Prevent crop box from shrinkingCommand rotateCtrl rotate
Temporarily disable snap to edgeCommand dragCtrl drag
Cycle overlay optionsO
Cycle overlay orientationShift OShift O
Front Image (Crop tool & Perspective Crop tool)(Creative Cloud only)II

Layer Shortcuts!

Activate Layer BelowOption [Alt [
Activate Layer AboveOption ]Alt ]
Add Layer Below to Active LayersOption Shift [Alt Shift [
Move Layer UpCommand ]Ctrl ]
Move Layer DownCommand [Ctrl [
Move Layer to TopCommand Shift ]Ctrl Shift ]
Move Layer to BottomCommand Shift [Ctrl Shift [

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Video Tutorials

If you’re interested in Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts, also check out these tutorials:

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Temesgen Graphics

Graphics is real life


Nice one. That is so much better than a list of shortcuts.
I have 2 questions though:

1. Is there a typo on F1? Shouldn’t it be “Undo” instead of “Unod”?
2. Why is the Keyboard not getting bigger with higher resolutions? Even with 2560×1440 the Keyboard stays the same size in the center of the screen. I would love to have a bigger Keyboard. A vector graphic would be perfect 😀


Oooooh…! *downloads*








Can you tell me what the shortcut is for closing out of an image after you’ve saved?




Great Job


What is the shortcut to select all / visible layers?


Thank you so much guys

phyo hein kyaw





I use command 1 to resize to 100%, but what is the keystroke for getting to that area and typing in a percentage? It has left me and I can’t find it.


You’re really great man ??

Namal Semage

Hi Jesus,

Can you pls demonstrate this shortcuts, No idea.

Hidden shortcuts not visible in the interface
Toggle transparent matte: L
Temporary zoom: X
Revert the last-added polygon corner: E

And i guess this shortcut should be control + drag instead of command
“Temporarily disable snap to edge: Command drag”



Derrick Lau

What is the tool CTRL + SHIFT + Y? It changes the image but it does not appear to change from CMYK.. What could it be???


On Windows 10 the brush flow shortcuts posted don’t work. You have to use shift + the number keys above the letters instead of the numeric keypad. It’s quite an odd bug and I hope Adobe fixes it. It works perfectly fine on a Mac.

Malak Nisar Khan

You done a great job I appreciate you ?%


WOW…Its amazing


In PS 23.3.2, there is no more stuff like Hide Extra … where is it? I want CMD + H so bad! Same with so many. I need help. Everything changed ?