I have an idea for a tutorial, where can I submit it?

You can make a suggestion on our Contact Page! Please note that I can’t possibly make a tutorial out of every request.

What is the fastest way for me to get my question answered?

You can ask your question on my Facebook Group. Either myself, an admin, or another member will answer it for you.

What version of Photoshop do I need for your tutorials?

Photoshop CS6 – CC will all work great.

But please note that our free tutorials are presented “as is”. Some of my tutorials will work with older versions of Photoshop, but my tutorials are always designed for the latest version of Photoshop.

As of November 2021, I record my tutorials using Photoshop 2022.

Can I follow your tutorials with Photoshop Elements?

Most likely No. Photoshop Elements is a really great program for doing simple edits and effects. Much of what I do involves features not available in Elements. But you’re free to try!

How can I get really good at Photoshop?

Practice, practice, practice, and practice some more… I’ve been using Photoshop since 2001, and to this day, I still learn new things every day. School is never out for the pro!

I would recommend that you pick up a camera and take photos and try to do something awesome.

Oh, and did I mention that you have to keep practicing! Ever heard of the 10,000-hour rule?

Can you Photoshop something for me for free?


I’m always glad and happy to help by answering a question or giving advice.

But that does not mean I will design your logo, or “Photoshop something really quick.”

Can you share or recommend my website/Facebook/product with your followers?

Probably not, I will not share or recommend anything that does not add any value or benefit to my followers.

If you have an awesome page, and it offers amazing stuff, I will probably share it but it’s got to be extraordinary.

If you have a product (i.e. book or video) for sale I will not recommend it unless I have used it and find it to be of great quality and value. You are free to ask me, but I will probably not share anything unless it’s amazing!

Where can I show my appreciation for your hard work and all the free stuff?

The best way to show your appreciation is by sharing PTC with all your friends!

You can share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or where ever you like to share your stuff. You can also link to my tutorials on your website or blog!

Can I place a link to the Photoshop Training Channel on my blog?

How nice of you to ask. Of course, you may!

How and when did Photoshop Training Channel start?

I started PTC as a fun side project on July 13th, 2012, but it quickly turned into much more than that!

Actually, the idea for the Photoshop Training Channel was in my head since 2004, I was a college student at the time, and although I did not have the name in mind, I did have the idea of creating a website where people could learn Photoshop in an over-the-shoulder kind of way.

Unfortunately, I never got around to it, I always left it for “tomorrow”, or for when “the time is right”. In early 2012  (8 years later!), I heard the author Timothy Ferris say in an interview something that really stuck in my head; “You are not guaranteed a tomorrow”. Once I heard that I realize that if I didn’t do it then, I wasn’t guaranteed a chance to do it in the future. That’s when I decided to create my first tutorial and put it up on YouTube.

In the beginning, PTC was just a YouTube channel, there was no website, no Facebook, or anything else. I was lucky enough that people reacted positively to my stuff from day 1 and my followers started to increase steadily.

I decided to create a website and get on
social media. My Facebook Page has been growing really fast, and I’ve been really surprised to see all the love I’m getting from TikTok.

Who designed your awesome website?

I did! I’ve worked as a web developer for many years so I used those skills to make this website!

What Operating system do you use?

Windows 11.

Why don’t you use a Mac?

I do use a Mac. I have a Macbook pro, but I also have a desktop PC, which is where I record my tutorials. Photoshop is perhaps the best cross-platform application ever made.

There are only a few minor differences between iOS and Windows. In terms of Photoshop, it really doesn’t matter what you use it on, as long as you have a machine that performs well.

What Kind of Microphone do you use?

I started with a very inexpensive HP Headset (HP XA490AA#ABA Premium Digital Headsets (Silver)

Since January 2019 I’ve been using a Yeti Blue Pro Mic.

How do you record your screen captures?

I use Camtasia Studio From TechSmith

What version of Photoshop do you use?

Photoshop 2022

Who is the host of The Photoshop Training Channel?

It’s me! Hi, my name is Jesús Ramirez, I am a graphic artist and educator.

I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life dedicated to making awesome graphics & learning Photoshop. During that time I have made THOUSANDS of mistakes and learned from each one of them. Now I get to bring all that knowledge to you!

How did you learn Photoshop?

Mostly by trial and error.

I’ve been self-taught since I was 19 and learned by exploring the program to create awesome visual effects. I literally clicked on every single menu, checkbox, or icon you could click on to figure out what it did.

I started with Photoshop way before there was a YouTube, or even a Facebook (actually there was not even a MySpace!). At that time there were not as many resources as there are now, not many videos or websites where you could learn, especially for free. But I did manage to find a handful of websites that helped me a lot.

One of the big reasons why the Photoshop Training Channel exists is to save people from the headache and the thousands of hours I had to spend learning how to do what I do.

However I did buy a training course that was about 12 hours on CD Roms, and I watched it twice! That helped a lot.

How long have you been using Photoshop

Since April 25 the, 2001. That’s the day I got my hands on Photoshop 6! It all started out as something fun for me, as a chance to make cool images.

I still remember the first time I used Photoshop. I spent 5-6 hours after school making a composite of a soccer player, it was a goalie diving for a ball, and I included a player from another image going for the ball as well.

I figured out how to do it all on my own, with no tutorials, no books, just clicking around, and figuring things out. I had a lot of fun making that first composition, I will never forget it.

You can see the image here! Let me know what you think of my first Photoshop image!

What other things can you do besides graphics?

I’ve worked as a web developer for many years, so I’m pretty good at coding HTML, CSS, & PHP (I designed and developed this awesome website!).

In addition to computer arts and programming, I am also a huge soccer fan, I played in college and it’s something I still love to do.

(For the soccer fans out there, in case you’re wondering I am a Barça fan!

I didn’t find the answer to my question here! What can I do?

You can send me an email!