Photoshop’s Generative Fill: Intensity Variation

In the realm of Photoshop’s Generative Fill, there’s a little-known trick to generate objects with varying intensity. Surprisingly, the Generative Fill Intensity Variation is often overlooked in discussions.
Let’s uncover this hidden feature and explore the magic it can bring to your digital creations!

Step 1: Enter Quick Mask Mode

To begin, enter the Quick Mask mode by either clicking on the designated icon or pressing the Q key.

This mode allows you to paint selections and sets the foundation for our exploration.

Step 2: Fill with Black

Once in Quick Mask mode, fill the selection with black.

The red overlay indicates that nothing is selected at this point.

Step 3: Select White at 100% Brightness

In the Foreground Color Picker, choose white, which has a brightness of 100%.

This selection will generate pixels at 100% intensity, setting the stage for our experiment.

Step 4: Paint with the Brush Tool

Using the Brush Tool, drag and paint on the canvas.

This action will create strokes based on the white color and 100% brightness.

Step 5: Exit Quick Mask Mode

Press the Q key again to exit the Quick Mask mode. You will now be able to see the selection you have made.

Step 6: Utilize Generative Fill

Under the Generative Fill menu, type the word “Fish” and click on “Generate.”

Watch as Photoshop works its magic, generating a fish based on your selection.

Step 7: Adjust Intensity to 40%

Now, press the Q key once more and fill the selection with black.

However, this time, set the brightness to 40% by using a dark gray shade to paint over the selection.

This step adjusts the intensity of the Generative Fill to 40%.

Step 8: Paint and Generate

Paint from left to right, following the same process as before.

When you press the Q key again, you may not see the selection due to Photoshop’s display mechanism. But don’t worry, it’s still there!

Step 9: Discover the Depth Illusion

Return to the Generative Fill menu and type “Fish” once again.

Click on “Generate” and witness the magic.

The fish you generate will appear deeper in the ocean due to the lowered intensity, creating an illusion of reduced opacity.

Step 10: Additional Tips for Depth and Realism

For an added touch of realism, press the Q key again and fill the selection with black.

Paint with white on top at 100% brightness, and then change the brightness to 50%.

Continue painting downwards. Press Q to exit the Quick Mask mode.

Now, only the top part will show with the marching ants, while the rest remains hidden beneath the surface, creating the illusion of depth.

Step 11: Generate and Observe

Click on Generative Fill, type “Fish,” and generate the image once more.

Now, the fish appears to be jumping on the water’s surface, while the bottom part is obstructed, adding further depth to the composition.

There you have it! You’ve successfully learned how to use the Generative Fill Intensity Variation trick.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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