Create a Crayon CUSTOM BRUSH In Photoshop – Professional MUST-KNOW Techniques

In this tutorial, we will create crayon drawings using nothing but Photoshop!

We will achieve this effect by taking a Photoshop brush and adjusting some settings to create the crayon effect.

Then you will easily learn to create recycled paper with Photoshop Actions.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below!

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Cynthia Neale

Hi Jesus,
I have PE14 and I’ve tried out several of your PS training sessions. I have been surprised and very pleased to find that a lot of them can be used in PE in part and even when they include parts that have tools not available in PE, I have managed to use the ideas in my own work.

You are a terrific teacher giving detailed steps and nice easy explanations. Thank You.

Michael Culham

Hi Jesus,

Thanks for this video! I worked through it with you in real time and it worked great. However, when I have tried to recreate it myself a second time, when I press “Play” on the action for Recycled paper I get stuck with lots of pop ups that I didn’t have the first time, asking the following:

1. New Snapshot (Full document) – I press ok
2. then New Layer, so I press ok again
3. then Fill. I leave the default and press ok..
4. And then I just get a new layer filled with a colour, but not the texture I asked for.
5. Plus yet another pop up appears asking if I want to create another New Layer. Click ok on that and..
6. A “Pointillize” pop up box. Press ok there and then – eventually – I get the recycled paper look.

Do you know why it makes me jump through so many hoops the second time, when it was so easy the first? And how can I make it stop it?!


linda M mathew

Hello Jesus,
I was having success following your crayon video yet towards the end you were explaining the path option with the right click. I have a mac and nothing happened when I tried that. What are my options for that right click? I found the path selection tool icon but didn’t know what to do after that, so I don’t know how to color outline my figure. I enjoy the wording and the video as well as I tend to lose track watching the icon.
Great video and looking forward to more!
Linda mathew