Get 7 Strokes From One Layer

If you’re on Photoshop CC you can apply multiple strokes right from the Layer Style window, but if you’re using an older version, you can use almost any Layer Style effect to give you a stroke.

Here’s how you can get 7 strokes from one layer:

  1. Bevel and Emboss: Change Technique to Chisel Hard, Angle to 0˚, Altitude to 90˚, Depth to 1000%, Highlight and Shadow mode to the same color. By changing the size you can set the width of the stroke and changing style to Inner/Outer bevel will change the orientation of the stroke.
  2. Stroke: You can actually get 2 strokes from this one (or more!). For fill type enter Gradient, for Style choose Shape burst. Enter 2 colors with a location of 50% on both. Then choose your stroke width.
  3. Inner Shadow: Choke to 100%, Size will change the width of the inner shadow.
  4. Inner Glow: Choke to 100%, changing Size will give the inner stroke.
  5. Outer Glow: Spread to 100%, Size will change outer stroke.
  6. Drop Shadow: Spread to 100%, then changing Size will give you an outer stroke.

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Here’s a sample:

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Want to see how it all works? download the file here:

Tip - Stroke (2225 downloads )