What is Adobe Sensei? How Artificial Intelligence Helps Creators


Adobe Sensei is a powerful AI and machine learning tool helping analysts, marketers who may have the latest business cards, creatives, advertisers, and business professionals to streamline workflows from ideation to production by automating time-consuming tasks and gaining better control of processes.

Intelligent Image Discovery and Manipulation

Adobe Sensei automatically recognizes images in your Adobe Creative Cloud media library and suggests tags. Sensei also identifies elements within images, such as faces and buildings, to make it easier for us to categorize and search accordingly.

The intelligent capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager allow users to automatically create
high-quality images and graphics which adjust according to screen size and resolution. 

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Empowers Content Creation and Personalization

In creating written content, Adobe Sensei analyzes text to determine the document’s tone and identifies the most relevant sentences to summarize it. It can even search your existing document library for white papers which contains similar content.

Sensei also changes the way you interact with paper documents. By simply taking a photo on your mobile device, Adobe Sensei AI automatically converts it into fully editable digital text – it will even match the fonts!

Free your creativity. Use the powerful inbuilt search in Adobe Stock and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to find the right assets and design without limits in apps like Adobe Dimension, Adobe Character Animator, and more.

Pick up the Pace with Adobe Sensei

Creatives are known to be proficient in using a host of applications, which is packed with a list of applications such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro.

However, Adobe Sensei is literally a game-changer. There are great timesavers within these applications that give you more time for creating instead of working on time-consuming tasks.

Adobe Sensei powers the next generation of intelligent image editing. It can fill a selected portion of an image with content sampled from other parts of the same image. It can automate the extraction and selection of faces and features in an image and then use intelligent control to manipulate these with greater accuracy and ease.

According to a recent survey by Pfeiffer Consulting, 74% of creatives said they spent more than 50% of their time on non-creative tasks — a huge opportunity for AI to help. AI and machine learning are here to handle the time-consuming parts of your job. This means less time spent on repetitive tasks and more time focusing on the creative side.

Design smarter, faster, and easier with Adobe Sensei-powered features

Creative freedom starts here. Adobe Sensei powers an unrivaled collection of creative tools in Photoshop that makes it easy for anyone to design and create exactly what they envision.
Adobe Sensei understands what you’re trying to accomplish and knows which tools you need for your projects. It can help you work faster and smarter.

Adobe Sensei is across all of Adobe’s offerings, so it’s perfect for creatives, analysts, marketers like this SEO agency, advertisers, and business professionals.

Listed below are key features of Adobe Sensei in Photoshop, photo manipulation, editing, graphic design, and the like.

Find what you need. Faster.
Use the powerful, intuitive search in Adobe Stock and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to find the right assets for the right moment.

Timesavers make creation effortless.
Eliminate time-consuming tasks with features in Adobe Premiere Rush, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and much more, so you have more time for creating.

Content-Aware Fill
Seamlessly fill a selected portion of an image with content sampled from other parts of the image.

Face-Aware Liquify
Automatically detect faces and facial features in an image and then use intelligent controls to manipulate facial features accurately and easily. 

Select Subject
Adobe Sensei automatically segment images, generating foreground masks that users can select and apply for image editing in specific regions. It’s an easy, efficient, accurate way to do a tedious and manual process.

Curvature Pen Tool
Quickly and intuitively create and edit paths in an image, removing the complexity of creating high-quality curves to allow designers to create more intuitively.

Auto Selection
When you draw a shape around an object in an image, you automatically select it. The shape doesn’t need to be precise to outline and select a precise area of an image for further editing.

Object Selection Tool
Enables users to make complex selections with a click and drag.

Adobe Sensei in Lightroom

Adobe Sensei is an integral part of Lightroom, powering some of the most useful features that help save time and streamline the photo editing process. Take a look and learn more.

Photo Search
Adobe Sensei machine learning automatically applies tags to photos, so intuitive keyword searches automatically surface the images you’re looking for — no manual tagging required.

Auto Settings
Automatically suggest the best edits for the most common slide controls, including contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, saturation, and vibrance.

Enhance Details
Recovers fine details usually lost in digital image processing and editing.

Adobe Sensei’s capabilities streamline the digital creative process as much as possible by doing all the tedious work of organizing, editing, and producing.

Now, you can focus your time and energy on doing what you love –  ideating, experimenting, and creating.

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