Wacom Tablets: An Introduction – With Carlos Garro, Sebastian Bleak, and Jesús Ramirez

In this video I’ll be sharing with you the recording to the Wacom Presentation that I did at Adobe Headquarters for the Creative Cloud User Group of San Jose.

I was joined remotely by Carlos Garro who was in Costa Rica, and Sebastian Bleak who was in Los Angeles California.

Carlos and Sebastian demonstrated how Wacom tablets work with both Illustrator and the Astute Graphics plugins.

Ed Dempsey from Wacom was also there, and he had a display with all the latest tablets. Ed was kind enough to give away one tablet at the end of the presentation to one lucky winner.

I spoke last, and I focused on Photoshop, but I also talked a bit about how Wacom tablets could be used in Lightroom.

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Carlos Garro
Website: cgarro.prosite.com
Twitter: @cgarro

Sebastian Bleak
Website: sebastianbleak.wordpress.com
YouTube: youtube.com/sebastianbleak
Twitter: @SebastianBleak

The Illustrator plug-ins used in this presentation were: DynamicSketch, MirrorMe, VectorScribe, Phantasm, and WidthScribe!

Astute Graphics

Event Photos

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