Photoshop Tip Of The Day Roundup #01

In this video, I’m going to take the top 10 most liked and shared Photoshop Tips of The Day from December 1st through January 25th and show you exactly how they work.

If you haven’t already, check out our Photoshop Tip of The Day Archive, and click the like and share buttons on your favorites tips!

The Top 10 Most Shared Tips of The Day Are:

  1. Move And Copy Layer Masks
  2. Quickly Delete All Empty Layers
  3. Must-Know Fill Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. See The Brush Size On The Magnetic Lasso Tool
  5. Turn a Selection Into a Path
  6. Matching Image or Canvas Size of Another Open Document
  7. Duplicating Smart Objects
  8. Copying Smart Filters
  9. Reverse Layer Stacking Order
  10. Locking Layer Transparency

Other Tips & Tricks You Should Know:

  1. Apply The Puppet Warp As A Smart Filter
  2. Fit On Screen
  3. Quickly Unlock The Background Layer
  4. Select Any Color From Outside of Photoshop
  5. Keyboard Shortcut To Close All Open Documents

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