Summer To Winter – Snow Photoshop Tutorial

In this Photoshop video tutorial, I will show you how you can transform a photo of a cabin on a hot summer day into a cold and snowy day.

We’ll only use a few adjustments layers, filters, and custom brushes to achieve the final effect.

If you have any comments or questions, you can leave them below.

Final Image

Drag The Slider To See Before & After

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Jeffrey Berman

As a novice Photoshop wannabee I’m always interested in Photoshop tutorials.


What kind of plugin do you use to show before and after pict in the same frame… 😀
I really loves you tutorial…


Thank you so must 😀



Van Sullivan

This stops working at 4:22. Control, command, click onto any channel panel to highlight doesn’t happen. Do you leave something out or is it me. Thanks


Thank you so much for these amazing tutorials!!!

Teri Egts

As with all the others, this was an amazing tutorial! I seem to find so many hidden tips in these that bleed over into my work flow for other projects, like making the Snow brush, which helps with so many other brush constructions. Also like using the density slider for the mask. I have always just used the brush opacity. While this works it is not too accurate. Using the Gradient Overlay in the Layer Styles is a much better option than using a Gradient Adjustment layer for each area too. I appreciate all the details so much. I saved this tutorial to watch when I needed to change an image to a snow scene and find so many other uses for it. This was an especially good one!
Thank you!