Stranger Things Text Effect In Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create the Stranger Things text effect in Photoshop.

This video is more than a tutorial showing how to replicate the Stranger Things opening sequence.

I will spend time showing you many keyboard shortcuts, and techniques that you can use when working with type in Photoshop.

Here’s a reference of some of the type keyboard shortcuts that I while working on the Stranger Things text effect:

Selection Shortcuts

Selects 1 Character Left/Right: Shift Left/Right arrow (Mac: Shift Left/Right arrow)
Hide Extras: While the type (or a portion of the type) is selected, Ctrl H (Mac: Command H)
Select All: Double click Type Layer thumbnail in the Layers panel or with the text active, press  Ctrl A (Mac: Command A)

Formatting Shortcuts:

Decrease/Increase Point Size: Ctrl Shift < or > (Mac: Command Shift < or >)
Decreases/Increases Kerning (spacing between characters): Alt Left/Right arrow (Mac: Option Left/Right arrow)
Increases/Decreases Baseline Shift: Alt Shift Up/Down (Mac: Option Shift Up/Down arrow)
Align LeftCtrl Shift L (Mac: Command Shift L)
Align CenterCtrl Shift C (Mac: Command Shift C)
Align Right: Ctrl Shift R (Mac: Command Shift R)

Font Style Shortcuts:

All Caps: Ctrl Shift K (Mac: Command Shift K)
Small Caps: Ctrl Shift H (Mac: Command Shift H)
Bold: Ctrl Shift B (Mac: Command Shift B)
Italic Ctrl Shift I (Mac: Command Shift I)
Underline: Ctrl Shift U (Mac: Command Shift U)
Clear Styles: Ctrl Shift Y (Mac: Command Shift Y)

There are many more keyboard shortcuts for working with type and text in Photoshop, but these are the ones covered in the tutorial.

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