Spider-Man Text Effect in Photoshop – Layer Styles Tutorial

This Photoshop tutorial will teach us how to use Layer Styles to easily create the Spider-Man text effect. You will see the same text effect in the Spider-Man Homecoming movie poster.

Photoshop Layer Styles are non-destructive effects, such as shadows, glows, and bevels that change the appearance of a layer’s contents. The effects are added by using an easy-to-use interface of mostly sliders and checkboxes.

Layer Styles were introduced in Photoshop 6, which means that almost everything taught in this tutorial should work in older versions of Photoshop.

The one exception will be the final part with Smart Objects and Camera RAW. But that is just a refinement to the final effect.

You can use Layer Styles to create text effects, but they have limitations. You cannot control the stacking order of the Layer Styles, and you are limited to a certain number of layer styles per layer.

This tutorial will focus on a technique that allows you to create intricate text effects by stacking multiple text layers with Layer Styles on top of each other.

This method gives you complete control. You can add as many Layer Styles as you want, in whatever order.

If you enjoy this Spider-Man text effect tutorial, you might also like my tutorial on recreating the text effect from Stranger Things.

Spider-Man Text Effect Font

The font used in this tutorial is Good Times from Adobe Typekit. You can download it for free if you subscribe to the full version of the Creative Cloud.

The “Photoshop” text in white uses Market, also from Adobe Typekit.

If you don’t have the Creative Cloud, you can use any other font you like. The font is not that important.

The point of this tutorial is for you to learn how to stack Layer Styles to create more complex text effects.

Final Image

Drag The Slider To See Before & After

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Bèr Schellekens

Hello Jesús,

Nice tutorial.
The download for this project is not working. Can you fix it please.

greets Bèr

Antonio Daniele

I know it’s not a movie, but would you consider creating a tutorial showing how to create the inflated, shiny red text in the Big Bang Theory commercials?