Insanely Powerful Tip to SHARPEN TEXTURE and DETAIL in Photoshop – High Pass Sharpening Explained

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to sharpen texture and detail with the High Pass Filter.

We will take the time to explain what high pass actually is and how it works. Then you will learn to use it to selectively apply sharpening to your photos.

Final Image

Drag The Slider To See Before & After

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Gabriel Guzman

Jesús, I open almost every tutorial you show and use most of them. I always which I could have them in a step by step written form also, so that I may use them as needed. As you well know, if you do not use a particular sequence for some time you forget it, and you need to go back to YouTube to see and listen the tutorial once again. I have used Photoshop as a hobby since Photoshop 2 and now I am up to date with Photoshop CC. Would much appreciate if you could include a step by step written tutorial after each of the tutorials you publish in YouTube.

Brad Pietrzak

Another great video Jesús!!

I view a number of photoshop tutorials by a number of people and you are my favorite instructor.

You are clear, concise and speak at a perfect pace.

Edelberto Cabrera

Jesus, I have used your tutorials for a long time. The fact that you explain more than the tutorial calls for is outstanding. As a scientist a do appreciate your call for all details of the tutorial. Thanks for these great teaching tools
Ed Cabrera