Seamless Photo Blending with Photoshop’s Generative Fill

Photoshop has always been a go-to tool for photo editing and manipulation, and now it has upped its game with the introduction of Generative Fill.

This powerful feature allows users to seamlessly merge two photos with just a few clicks, creating stunning compositions that appear to be taken together in one frame.

Quick read: 3 minutes

Step 1: Prepare the Photos

Ensure you have two photos with similar content and lighting. In the example provided, we have a selfie of a person and a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Before blending the images, it’s essential to match the blurry background of the selfie with the Eiffel Tower photo.

Step 2: Use Gaussian Blur

First, open the Eiffel Tower photo in Photoshop to create a harmonious blend.

Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. In this tutorial, a three-pixel blur works well. Click OK to apply the blur effect.

Step 3: Make a Selection and use Generative Fill

Next, enable the Lasso tool and carefully freehand a selection around the transparent areas in the top left of the Eiffel Tower photo.

This selection will ensure a smooth and realistic integration of both images.
Additionally, if there are elements you’d like to replace, such as an overcast sky, include them in your selection.

Once you’re happy with your selection, let Photoshop work its magic! You don’t need to type anything in when the Generative Fill dialog box appears. Click on the Generate button.

There you have it! The result is a stunning composition that looks like a genuine selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower. The Generative Fill feature has made the process of merging photos effortlessly, allowing photographers and creative enthusiasts to craft visually captivating images easily.

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Final Image

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