How To Remove White Background from Logos in Photoshop

Learn to remove white background from Logos in Photoshop using channels and Apply Image!

This simple technique will help you make backgrounds transparent in just a few minutes using Channels and Apply Image.

Duplicate The Channel with Most Contrast

To easily remove white background from Logos in Photoshop you can use channels.

With channels, you can create selections, and since the background is white it creates a well-defined edge with the logo making it easy to select.

Start by analyzing your logo in the Channels panel. Look for the channel that has the most contrast between the background and the logo.

Once you determine which channel has the most contrast duplicate it by dragging it into the New Channel icon.

In this example, no one channel has a complete advantage over another.

With the Red channel, everything looks great except for the orange design in the center.

With the Blue channel, everything looks great except for the text.

If you have a similar issue, then follow the next step for the best results.

Use The Apply Image to Combine Channels

If no channel has more contrast than another, then duplicate the best channel of the three. In this example, I duplicated the blue channel because, for the most part, the logo has a lot of contrast against the white background, except for the text.

Then look for the channel that compliments the missing pieces from your selected channel. In this case, the Red channel has a lot of contrast in the text.

To merge these channels together, select the Blue channel copy, and go into Image > Apply Image. From here, select the Red Channel from the Channels dropdown.

Then Change the blending mode to Multiply to darken the image.

Then Press Ok.

Notice that the duplicate channel now has a logo that is almost black!

Fine Tune the Channel

Now you can use the Levels adjustment (Image > Adjustments > Levels) to fine-tune the channel.

Move the black point slider to the right to make the dark pixels black, and the white point slider to make the bright pixels white.

Doing so will create sharper edges and remove the JPEG Compression.

Create a Selection from The Mask

Now that you have a black and white version of the logo, make sure to invert the channel. Press Ctrl I/Command I to invert.

The background should now be black and the logo white.

Hold Ctrl/Command and click on the duplicate channel thumbnail to load it as a selection.

Create a Solid Color Fill Based on The Selection

With the selection active go into the new layer icon and select the Color Fill layer.

From the Color picker select black and press OK.

This will give you a black and white version of your logo without a white background!

Adding Color To The Logo

To add the color to the Logo, first, enable the logo selection again by ctrl/command clicking on the Solid Color Fill Layer Mask icon.

Then select the Eyedropper tool, and select one of the colors from the original logo. Like the dark gray from the tree branches.

Next, create another color fill layer. It will automatically select the color you clicked on and you can press OK without adjusting the color.

From the Toolbar, select the Brush Tool and paint with black on the layer mask in areas that should not have the dark gray color.

Repeat this process on all the other colors to get the final result!

This is one of the best methods to remove the white background from Logos in Photoshop!

Sample Image

Download tutorial image here.

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Final Image

Drag The Slider To See Before & After

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