Remove ANY Color Cast FAST & EASY In Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how how to easily remove color casts in Photoshop using the Camera Raw Filter.

To Neutralize the image we will use the White Balance Tool (Eyedropper Tool), and then use the Tonal sliders to control the luminosity of the photo.

What is a Color Cast?

A color cast is an unwanted color tint that appears over your photo. Color casts can arise for several reasons, including the wrong settings on your camera, or shooting under the wrong type of light.

Whatever the cause of your color cast is, there will always be a simple solution in Photoshop!

Remove Color Casts in Photoshop

To remove the color cast, right-click on the image layer and select Convert to Smart Object.

Note: A Smart Object is a container that can hold one or more layers. It allows you to apply editable adjustments, distortions, filters, and transformations.

Then, go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 7hAtUx9MYISVyrXyad17qZ-2UK3a3DlLAOg_xkT5odw3Z4-Yn8kAdN2XbY5xQlgJb7Y9MtQXX6c-_tRv6kpsuGOxA51vhroMGc5OquPGGtPBekJFX1wHqwL-nK7uZSHkEeMLWqCy

On the Tools bar, select the White Balance tool or you may know this as the Eye-Dropper tool.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is VMDreYyNFweZR8PpTnRPawibMxOA70gDGwRAkGImHHHvoTW7U5cASbdNZ-LttbajuJevN-Of2RI0StzwB3YlL3jVrZ6Mw4Sh11LKntoa_PTKLapBVBDdzkbevdo-C-r2oOAmVe7U

Find a neutral gray area within the image and click on it. A neutral gray is simply a gray that should not have a tint on it.

In this image, you can click on: the dark part of the backpack, the brick pathway, or the model’s top since they are all items that should be a neutral gray and should not have a color cast.

Upon clicking on the gray areas, you will notice how the color cast will immediately be replaced with a white balanced image. 

If you don’t get the results that you want, try to click on different areas of your image to see which gives you the best results.

Learn how to Match Colors on Photoshop!

Enhancing the Image

Correcting the white balance can’t guarantee a picture-perfect photo yet and you may need to set the necessary adjustments to achieve the perfect result.

To improve the lightness and the darkness of the image, adjust the Exposure, Contrast, Clarity, Highlights, and Shadows. 

You can proceed to enhance the colors of the image or the skin tone by adjusting the Saturation and Vibrance.

That’s it for today’s 90-Second Tips on how to remove a color cast in Photoshop! 

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Final Image

Drag The Slider To See Before & After

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Ron Geffin

Hi Jesus

I have learnt photoshop through the Youtube tutorials available and you have the most practical way in explaining this powerful software.

Just love your 90 sec tutorials as well.

Dean K

Thanks Jesus!

While I’ve been using Photoshop almost since it was first launched, there’s always something new to learn. Usually I jump straight into the manual color balance and remove “stops” from the midtones, shadows and highlights, but sometimes it’s not enough — this has been helpful thanks. I also then head to brightness/contrast, levels, saturation, vibrance, exposure, filters etc … some photos supplied by clients (especially now with smartphones) can be quite challenging.