How To Create a Realistic Coin In Photoshop

* See the updated Realistic Coin Tutorial 2022 version here.

This tutorial will show you how to create a realistic-looking metal coin in Photoshop.

This will be an in-depth tutorial where I’ll show you how to add dimension and depth by using Layer Styles.

I’ll also show you how to place text within a perfect circle.

If you have any comments or questions, leave them below!

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Hi, Jesús.

First of all, thanks a lot for another great tutorial. I was able to follow all the steps (using the pause button a lot!), but I’m stuck with the last part, the head.

I think it misses the final polishing of the head. I mean, in the tutorial the head ends quite rough, but in the thumbnail of the video we can see a much more polished one.

Thanks again!


Thanks a lot! I will try that. 🙂


Hi Jesús– Thank you for bringing us a wealth of info on the PTC… You make Photoshop fun and exciting and I look forward to every tutorial!
I’m trying to create a coin and I’m stuck on one point… At approx 12:57 min into the video you select the outer ring to create a new layer (in the Polygon 1 copy)… How did you make the selection?
Thanks for your help!


This like all your tutorials are great.
I found your site yesterday by accident and I am so glad I did.
Thank you very much for all the work you do for all of us.

Andrea Hernadez

until I tried to render the face! the copy of the channel that I made does not show when I select it in lighting effects

Abdur rehman

You are great person who is providing us a lot knowledge about photoshop.
Thank you very very much.


Very impressive. Followed along with a lot of pausing but I’m a photoshop noob. Learned a lot of tricks in the process. Thanks for sharing.


Your tutorial is exactly what I’ve been looking for and you did a fantastic job.

I tried to take notes to use them on my project of converting an ancient messy coin into gold. You were naturally fast and I could not keep up with you.

Do you have a text version of your tutorial so that I can read and apply slowly?

Thanks again for your great work.

Kuczynski Krzysztof

Hello Jesus,

I don’t feel I can add anything more to many positive comments of my predecessors. I’ve found your training excellent too.
One suggestion – I would place your logo and training title in such a way that a top menu bar can be entirely visible all the time.In some moments I was hesitating about certain setting visible right there and couldn’t see them.
Except this minor remarque – I’ve found this training very instructive.
Keep on developing your PTC channel.

All the best – Christophe


Following this Tutorial am stack on polygon to become lines using Adobe 2021


I’m using this video to create a realistic coin and its really helping. I know this video was made a while ago and Im currently stuck on one of the steps (10:45) starting with the polygon tool, clicking on the options bar, radius, and then star. On my version (2021) it doesn’t give me the “star” like lines to create the ridges on the coin. I’ve tried searching up different ways to do it and I can’t seem to find it. I would really appreciate the help, thank you.


Hello! I’m currently using this video to create a realistic coin and its really helpful. Currently I’m stuck on (10:50) trying to create the ridges on the coin. My options bar where the radius is doesn’t look the same and it doesn’t allow me to create ridges on my coin. I’m interested in knowing if there are other ways that I could possibly do it differently. Thank you.