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Photoshop Compositing Made Easy – Concepts, Tips, and Techniques

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Join Jesus Ramirez for an exploration of the artistic and technical skills that are necessary to create amazing composites in Photoshop.

This Photoshop composting course is just under 5 hours and it’s jam-packed with information, tips, and tricks so that you can start creating stunning composites today!

We start at the very beginning and teach you everything that you need to know in simple, everyday language so that you understand and learn.

If you’re a beginner, or if you’ve been using Photoshop for years, but you have not quite figured out compositing, then this is the course for you!

This course is divided into two modules. The first module is all about Compositing Concepts that you may not think about when putting images together in Photoshop. You can think of this module as the science of compositing.

In the second module, your will learn compositing tips and techniques that you can use on a daily basis. You’ll also get long in-depth training on some of Photoshop’s most powerful features, like the Displace Filter, and the Advanced Blending Options.

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We’ve Jam Packed Everything Into This Simple Course,
So You Can Learn With Ease.

Here’s a quick breakdown of everything that we’ll cover in this 5-hour Photoshop Compositing course.

  1.  Introduction
Module 1 – Compositing Principals
  1. Mastering Perspective
  2. Finding Depth Using Atmospheric Perspective
  3. Create Realistic Reflections
  4. How Lights and Shadows Work
  5. Understanding Color Temperature
  6. Matching Image Quality
Module 2 – Must-Know Techniques
  1.  Selections, Masks, and Alpha Channels Explained
  2. The Refine Edge Panel (for CS6 and older)
  3. The Select and Mask Workspace (For CC 2015 and newer)
  4. Blend If – Advanced Blending Explained
  5. The Displace Filter Explained (Transcript Sample Free Video Sample
  6. Creating Saturation Maps to Match Saturation of Photos
  7. Creating Ambient Light Using Light Wraps
  8. Compositing With Group Blending Modes
  9. Bringing It All Together, Matching Saturation, Luminance, and Color
  10. Create Custom Brushes From Photos
  1. Finding and Working With Images From Adobe Stock
  2.  “Walk Through The Jungle” – Step-By-Step Walkthrough
Source Files & Transcripts
  1. The download includes the project files so that you can follow along step-by-step at your pace!
  2. All videos include a PDF transcript so you can read and follow along. Here’s a sample PDF.

* This training course was recorded in Photoshop CC, but it will be relevant to all versions of Photoshop (Except Photoshop Elements).



How is the course presented?

The course is all video screen-casts between 5 and 35 minutes long. Watch the free sample to get an idea of how this course is presented.

I’m a beginner. Will this course help me?

This compositing course is meant for beginner and intermediate Photoshop users.

Can I download the videos?

Yes! This course is NOT an online stream or membership. You must download the videos and files into your computer.

How long is the course?

The total running time of the videos is a little less than 5 hours. It is self-paced, so you can move through it as you have time.

Do you offer refunds?

Of course! If you dislike this training course, then I don’t want your money. I want this course to help you get better in Photoshop!

To get a refund just reply to your purchase receipt email within 14 days of purchasing the course and I will issue a refund.

But to improve the course, I will ask what you didn’t like (You are not obligated to answer to get a refund).

What happens after I purchase? How do I watch the videos?

After you purchase, you will have to download 3 Zip files (1.3 GB) which contain all the video files. Once you download the videos into your computer, you can watch them whenever you like.

The video files are in the .MP4 format, which means that you could also download them into a tablet, such an iPad.

Do you provide the course files?

Yes! all the files that I use in the video are included in the download. You also get transcript PDF files for all the videos.

Other questions?

If you have any other concerns, you can always contact me!

9 reviews for Photoshop Compositing Made Easy – Concepts, Tips, and Techniques

  1. Stella Blinderman (verified owner)

    Excellent teaching technique. The course is very well organized, clearly explained, full of tips and techniques that are applicable to any photo manipulation and compositing project

  2. Angela Booth

    Love the course. It’s the best I’ve found, and very practical, enough so that I can understand it. 🙂 Photoshop finally makes sense to me. I’ve been “learning” it for years, and now it seems much more accessible. Thank you, I appreciate the hard work that’s gone into it.

  3. Jim Whiting (verified owner)

    Very thorough, very well presented. Excellent course. Thank you for making it available to us. I look at compositing completely differently now. I never realized how many different elements needed to be considered when bringing images together in a composite. Not only do you explain what is needed, but your discussions of how to accomplish a good, well blended composite are easy to understand.

  4. Louis Heeren (verified owner)

    I’m Dutch and we do not have much photoshop tutorials. Till now I thought I was a reasonably experienced photoshop user, but hey, I was wrong. I’m so glad I have purchased your compositing course, it is great and I have learned a great deal, Thanks

  5. Ricardo Aleixo (verified owner)

    Amazing Course, it’s exactly what I was looking for, a course that provides me knowledge to do anything in any image, Jesus Ramirez is a Master of Photoshop, If you wanna become an advanced user of Photoshop buy this course right now!!!

  6. Renee Akana

    I have taken a lot of Photoshop and compositing courses. I wasn’t sure I’d learn as much as I did. I merely figured that this course would give me a few extra tips.That said, this course paid for itself by the time I saw the first couple of videos. I was amazed at what I didn’t know about compositing. Jesus is an outstanding instructor, teaching you finer attention to details that other instructors assume that you will figure out on your own. You won’t. Jesus gives you the logic behind the actions you should take without taking them for granted. It was as if he went in and turned the lights on in a dim room.

  7. miriahaj (verified owner)

    I loved this course! There’s so much valuable information on so many topics. Jesus is a true teacher! He even offers transcripts!!!!!! I loved how well organized this course was and I appreciated the effort and time you put into making this very detailed class. Get this course its worth every penny!

  8. Marion Hermannsen

    What an amazing course. I’ve been dabbling with PS for a few years without gaining much traction. I had the very basics down, but had no idea how to,, for example, apply curves or levels properly. I just did what looked right, but often I could see it didn’t work without knowing why. Jesus has provided a clear plan how to approach compositing. I took over 90 pages of handwritten A5 notes. His style is friendly, knowledgeable, organized. I’m tackling the color course next, and HOPE there’ll be more. Gracias, Jesus, you’re an inspired instructor.

    • Jesus Ramirez (verified owner)

      Thank you, Marion!
      I am very glad that you found it useful!

  9. Alix Porras (verified owner)

    This is really not a review. I just purchased the course and haven’t been able to download the material.
    I’m getting an Error window. Is there a way to contact someone for some support? This sounds like a great start for a Photoshop beginner.

    • Jesus Ramirez (verified owner)

      Alix, I’ve replied to all your emails. Are you not getting my response?

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