How To Create a Realistic Pokéball In Photoshop

It seems that everyone is playing Pokémon Go these days. I have not played the game, but I do have a pretty cool tutorial for you. In this video, I will show you how to create a realistic Pokéball in Photoshop.

We will use Photoshop’s 3D features to model, texture, and render the Pokéball. Creating the Pokéball may seem simple, but there are a few challenges that you need to overcome to create this object.

For example, we will use Deform Axis origin point to create a half-sphere. Not many people use this, and it is definitely not obvious.

We will then move on to creating the reflections on the Pokéball. We will use an Image Based Light (IBL) for this effect, which you’ve seen before in our Chrome 3D Text Tutorial.

In this video, you will also learn a bit of compositing since we will need to work with the perspective of the street to match our 3D object to the scene. If you would like to learn more about compositing, then check out my course on compositing in Photoshop.

Download the starter file below if you would like to follow along!

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Nice tutorial. Only the reflections of the cars are not right. I should see what’s behind me, and not what is in front of me…


First time, I’ve done a 3D art there in Ps. Thanks PTC.. Concept and cover both are attractive!

Alex Moorie

Great concept man. got many necessary information from your video tutorial. I appreciate your work. Keep it up.


Wow , very exceptional, and lots of learning material included. This video is really helpful for the people, who want to learn this type of work this video tutorial will be vice for them. And by this video tutorial new concept can come out. Actually photoshop is the best tool for photo editing, and most of the professional use this tool because of its unique feature. Even vr version of it very exceptional, now a days this very latest technology beside it AR and MR also works great. Very nice tutorial you shared with us, thanks a lot.

clipping boss

Awesome Tutorial. Thanks for sharing this informative article. This Tips help me in my daily work.

clipping boss

Awesome Picture. Thanks for sharing this informative article.