Place ANYTHING in PERSPECTIVE Non-Destructively – Photoshop TRICK You Probably DON’T KNOW!

In this tutorial, you will learn to place any logo or design on a flat surface in perspective.

This will be a non-destructive workflow that you can use to easily swap out the image to any other design that you like.

This technique uses a neat trick that not many people use that involves the Perspective Crop Tool.

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Thank you Jesús for sharing such a neat trick!
I’m trying use this technique on a little photoshop project of mine where I have created a room full of frames at different angles. But whenever I try to use the perspective crop tool it gives me following error:
“Could not use the perspective crop tool because the image contains unsupported layers types”
Not sure why? I’m following each step as you show in the video. Can you help?


I never comment on tutorials; but this is pure gold.
Thank you!


Hi Jesus,

Thanks for the tutorial. I tried placing some logos on various scenes, but when I place the logo it always comes out distorted in the scene after I return from saving the logo into the smart object. Is this normal and do you always have to adjust each time you place it so image that your compositing isn’t too distorted?

Sue Bondurant

This was working great until I got to the part where you said to press Alt+Ctrl+Z to undo or toggle to last state and to repeat that until I was back at the original image. I did this numerous time but never got back to the original state. It just kept looking like it was undoing the previous step. I did Alt+Ctrl+Z five times and never go back to the original state. I started completely over 4 times and kept getting the same results. Can’t figure out what I am doing wrong or if I need to contact Help Support.