Edit FASTER With This Effective Photoshop Trick: Same Document In Two Windows

Do you want to edit faster with this useful Photoshop trick that allows you to view the same document in TWO windows? Then, you found the perfect tutorial for you!

This technique allows you to view the details of the document and the full image simultaneously, allowing you to see how the small changes affect the overall appearance of your edit.

Open The Same Document In Two Windows

To start, choose Window > Arrange > New Window for (name of the file).

This will open the same document in another tab.

How To Place Two Windows Side-By-Side

To place them side-by-side, choose Window > Arrange > select 2-up Horizontal or 2-up Vertical.

From here, you can use one window to zoom in on the details and the other window to focus on the overall view of the image.

Using the Spot Healing Brush tool to demonstrate the effect, notice how the changes you apply on the details will also show up on the other window. 

This type of view makes it efficient for people who work with photo manipulation or photo retouching. 

Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts

Hold Shift Spacebar as you click-and-drag on one of the windows to smoothly pan your view on both windows without having to readjust both individually.

With the Zoom tool active, hold Shift as you click on any part of the image you want to zoom in, and it will zoom in both windows at the same time.

Hold Shift Alt (Windows) or Shift Option (macOS) as you click on any part of the image to zoom out.

This is a great Photoshop trick that allows you to edit the same document in two windows, which means no more zooming in and out repeatedly because you can see the changes applied in real-time.

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