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Great news, my fellow Photoshop lovers! The next version of Photoshop, Photoshop CC (14.0), is here!

It’s only been seven months since Photoshop 13.1, but the new version is here with some excellent new features.

Photoshop CC delivers many new features, including capabilities in sharpening, upsampling, and reducing blur, improvements to designer tools, and Behance integration.

Adobe Creative Cloud is now integrated with Behance for real-time inspiration and a seamless way to share your work. Check out my Behance Page here, and don’t forget to follow me!

The biggest news is that Adobe is moving Photoshop into the Cloud and is only accessible by a monthly subscription.

Pricing starts at $49.99 a month per person for individuals (This includes all of Adobe’s applications). Existing Creative Suite customers, students, and teachers will get a discount. See pricing here.

Check out the video below where I go over Photoshop CC’s new features, or scroll down to watch a short video of each specific feature:

Photoshop CC Tutorials: (All Features In One Video)

Camera Shake Reduction:

Camera Shake Reduction analyzes the trajectory of the camera shake and helps restore sharpness to otherwise unusable images.

Camera Raw Automatic Upright

With the new Camera Raw Automatic Upright, you can fix perspective distortions quickly. Photoshop CC gives you much control over how you want to fix the perspective of your photos.

Camera Raw Spot Removal Tool

With Photoshop CC and Camera Raw, you get a more precise and advanced way to heal your images. With the Spot Removal tool, you can now paint over unwanted areas of your photo.

Camera Raw Radial Filter

In Photoshop CC and Camera Raw, you can use Radial Filters to create non-destructive effects like vignettes.

Editable Rounded Corner Rectangles:

Photoshop CC allows you to create rounded corners and resize and re-edit shapes after they’ve been created.

3D Live Paint

Photoshop CC allows you to do “Live Paint” on your 3D meshes.

Intelligent Upsampling:

The upsampling tool allows you to reserve detail and sharpness while enlarging images for different print sizes.

Isolate Layers

Isolating layers in Photoshop CC is a great way to simplify your workflow in complicated layer compositions. This new feature allows you to concentrate on a specific layer or set of layers by hiding other layers.

Is Photoshop CC worth it?

Short answer. Yes! If you don’t mind, the monthly subscription.

Photoshop CC’s new filters are remarkable, especially the ability to use Camera Raw as a filter. If you are a Photoshop CS6 user who only upgrades every two or three releases, these features in CC alone may not be a determining factor in upgrading one version later.

However, the most important thing to consider when upgrading to CC is not the new features but the monthly commitment you will have to make.

The subscriptions start at $19.99 for Photoshop CC. This is an excellent option for some people, considering that if you wanted to buy CS6 Extended, you needed $800 upfront.

With CC, You’ll also get the Creative Cloud features such as cloud storage, Behance sharing and collaboration, and settings synchronization.

I think the $49.99 option (or $29.99 for CS3 to CS6 owners, which is what I pay) is more valuable as you also get almost every other Adobe design app ($19.99 student-teacher option available).

Putting the controversial monthly payments aside, I love Photoshop, and I think the new features are great and worth it if you are a creative professional. Maybe not if you are just a student or a person who only uses Photoshop as a hobby.

Want to get Photoshop CC? Then subscribe on Adobe or Amazon!

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Juan Bautista

Great tutorial I will definitely check out you videos on the future.

Roberto Blake

I think that Photoshop CC is definitely worth it if you are a designer, even photographers who have been complaining I think should give the 30 day trial a run and see how well this fits into their workflow. I think the new features are huge time savers and give you more control over how you work in Photoshop.

Very Nice.