Photoshop CC 2014 – New Features

The Creative Cloud 2014 release is finally here, and there are some great new additions and enhancements to Photoshop CC!

This video tutorial will show you most of the new updates and how they work. You can watch the entire video above or any individual sections below.

Remember that the Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 update is an entirely new application.

If you previously had Photoshop CC installed, the 2014 update will not replace it. After the 2014 install, you will have a new Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 folder in your Applications folder.

You will need to install any plugins or addons from your previous installation to the new Application folder.

If you don’t have Photoshop CC, you can get it for only $9.99 a month.

Use Path Blur to add blur along any path and Spin Blur to create circular or elliptical blurs.

You can adjust the direction, speed of the blur effect, and how the blur tapers at the end of the path. See how it works.

Focus Mask

Photoshop will automatically select the in-focus areas of your image. You can create a mask or selections from the focus mask. See how it works.

Improvements to Content-Aware technology

New technology in Content-Aware Fill, Move, and Patch smoothly blends areas containing gradients, like skies so that you can create seamless, realistic results. See how it works.

Smart Object improvements

Link Smart Objects within a document, allowing the file size to remain smaller. Similar to how video files are used in Premiere or After Effects.

You can package the linked Smart Objects in a Photoshop document, and their source files are saved to a folder on your computer.

A copy of the Photoshop document is saved along with the source files in the folder. See how it works.

Improved Layer Comps

You can now change the visibility, position, or appearance of one layer in a Layer Comp and then sync that change to all the others. See how it works.

Fonts Search and Typekit

Faster font previews and the ability to easily search for fonts.

You can now sync with the Typekit library and get immediate access to hundreds of fonts. See how it works

Smarter Smart Guides

Smart guides allow you to quickly see the distance between objects so you can lay out objects with precision. See how it works.

Adobe Generator enhancements

Simplify the process of naming Generator assets and get greater flexibility in organizing the output from Generator by setting document-wide defaults and specifying subfolders for exported assets.

Generator also offers new APIs so developers can create even more powerful plugins. See how it works

Create Color Lookup tables

Intelligent upsampling, even faster see how it works

Workflow & Other Enhancements

Work faster and smarter, thanks to new feature enhancements throughout your workflows. Now you have access to an expanded Color Panel; you can access your most recently used brushes and more. See how they work.

Work FlowEnhancements

  • Layer Copy CSS now supports Inner Shadow Layer effects
  • Smart Guides are enabled by default
  • Brush highlights now show the currently-selected brush and brush changes
  • You can now access the most-recently-used brush presets in the Brush context menu and the Brush Presets panel
  • New Hue and Brightness color picker cubes in the Color panel
  • Ability to specify transparency dithering in gradients
  • Ability to create gradients with a single stop. Saved single-stop gradients don’t work with previous versions of Photoshop.
  • The new narrow Options bar lets you work more efficiently on devices having small screens. Select Preferences > Interface > Enable Narrow Options Bar.
  • Ability to create new gradient stops sampled from the current gradient preview.
  • Import-only native support for MPEG-2 and Dolby audio
  • Support for new video formats, including Sony RAW and Canon RAW
  • Pin Edges To Liquify for warping in from the image edges
  • Reset All Tools now resets the tools displayed in the Tools panel slots to the default choices
  • Support for very large PNG files (up to Photoshop maximum and 2 GB limit)
  • Improved UI content for the New Document preset dialog
  • The Spectrum color picker in the Color Panel is now resizeable
  • Support for new video formats, including Sony RAW and Canon RAW; and more.

Other Enhancements

Enlarge a low-res image, so it looks great in print, or start with a larger image and blow it up to poster or billboard size. Upsampling preserves detail and sharpness without introducing noise, and now you get even more immediate results thanks to an OpenCL boost from the Mercury Graphics Engine.

Expanded 3D printing capabilities

Now you can see exactly where and how Photoshop repaired your 3D meshes so it’s easy to refine your designs in third-party 3D modeling apps. Get more accurate renderings of your models prior to printing, thanks to WYSIWYG previews. And get support for more 3D printers and service providers.

Adobe Camera Raw 8 enhancements

Heal images, fix perspective distortions, and create vignettes with greater precision. Plus, access an interactive histogram, before/after previews, and more.

Expanded Mercury Graphics Engine support

Upsample images up to 15 times faster (depending on file size and video card configuration) now that the Mercury Graphics Engine delivers an OpenCL performance boost. The engine also powers new Blur Gallery motion effects and the Focus Mask feature.

Items Removed

With each release of Photoshop, new cool features are added, but sometimes, some existing features are cut. The following features are no longer available in Photoshop CC 2014.

Extension Panels using Flash, including:

  • Mini Bridge
  • Kuler
  • 3rd Party Panels (including Configurator panels)


  • Oil Paint filter
  • Mac OS X 10.6.x support

More info here.

If you have questions about Photoshop’s new release, you can read the official FAQ.

Other Photoshop Updates

Check out my other Photoshop tutorials that cover other updates:

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razaq vance

very interesting and the changes in new version specially in blur field are awesome and will be helpful in creating surreal images.