Creating A Moonwalk Scene With Photoshop CS6 3D

Photoshop CS6 Extended or Newer Required For This Tutorial!

Create This Awesome 3D Scene Using NASA’s 3D Models and Textures!

In this tutorial, you’ll learn to create a moonwalking scene using Photoshop CS6’s 3D features. 

We’ll start out by creating a few simple shapes to create the Earth and the Moon’s surface; then we’ll bring in 2 NASA-designed 3D models.

NASA provides free 3D Modeling resources that we’ll be taking advantage of to create this moonwalking illustration. I have the files used in this tutorial available for download below, or you can go directly to them by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.

In this tutorial, I’ll be skipping some of the basics to save time. I’m assuming that you’ve watched my other 3D tutorials (3D Chrome Text, 3D Picture Frame, and The Ken Burns Effect) so you should have a basic understanding of how 3D works.

If you get lost while watching this tutorial, I recommend watching my other 3D tutorials first and then coming back to this one.

Final Image

Moon Walk

NASA 3D Resources:


Earth Night:

Earth Clouds:

Mark III Spacesuit:

Apollo Lunar Module:

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As always… Fantastic tutorial. Hopefully you keep doing them for a long time as I enjoy following them and I’ve learned so much from your videos. Your 3D tutorials are the best I’ve seen.


When I watched this one it did the beginning twice. It didn’t finish everything. I didn’t see how you finished the moon texture or some things on the space suit.


Well the AutoRecover works. PS CC crashed twice. Really have a problem selecting a whole model. If I select the lunarlande directly it chooses parts. Not a problem, just choose in 3D panel. Just seems to move funny. This might be too much for my computer. Scale Uniformly moves it closer and scales. Maybe that’s normal. I would expect it to scale in it’s position. Going to give it another shot. Save often and set AutoRecover to 5 minutes.


O you bad man. Could not figure out why my texture wasn’t updating, then remembered your other tut that after altering the psb you had to save it. Glad I did the other tut. LOL
This is really great stuff. I’ve had a folder of NASA stuff just waiting for this.


I could use a new card. Now when I add or change something the lunarlande jumps across the screen. I guess I wont add any more. LOL


What are you doing in the step where you straighten out the sample moon (ground plane- with black & white stripes). I’ve accidentally done it but can;t reproduce and it’s driving me nuts.


Hello JR,
I was trying to do a simple Puppet Warp animation with the Moonalk scene and it seems to cause no end of problems. Is it possible or better left to AE?