Adobe Photoshop 2022 Top New Features!


Let’s discover the exciting new features in Adobe Photoshop 2022!

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Object Finder in Photoshop 2022

Let’s start with the new Object Finder, an upgrade to the Object Selection Tool.

The Object Finder uses Adobe Sensei, an Artificial Intelligence to analyze the image, find the main subjects, and create a selection around it.

We’ll use an image of 6 beautiful dogs.


Next, select the Object Selection Tool in the Toolbar to enable the Object Finder. The Object Finder is enabled by default. But you can check the box if it’s unchecked.

Object Finder in Photoshop 2022

When you hover over the image, Photoshop will find the main subjects and highlight them in blue. And you can convert them into a selection by simply clicking on them.

To add another subject as a selection, hold the Shift key and click on them. To remove one of the selected subjects, hold Alt (Windows) or Option key (macOS) and click on them to deselect.

Selecting Dogs with Object Finder

With a selection active, you can click on the New Layer Mask icon to remove the background from the image.

Layer Mask

The Object Finder has settings like the Color Overlay Options or Opacity, which allow you to control the color of the blue overlay.

The Refresh option determines when Photoshop will analyze the image for subjects to detect.

Auto Refresh is the default setting, and Photoshop will analyze the image anytime there is a change in your Layers Panel.

Manual Refresh will only analyze the image when you click on the Refresh button.

Object Finder Options

Mask All Objects in Photoshop 2022

Photoshop 2022 now has the new Mask All Objects menu option under the Layer Menu.

The Mask All Objects feature creates a group with a mask from all the main subjects.

One way to use this feature is to place an Adjustment Layer inside of the group of the corresponding subject to make an adjustment. 

Mask All Objects

Harmonization Neural Filter

Photoshop 2022 has the new Harmonization Neural Filter. This filter will match the subject’s color to the background making composites look more realistic.

Jet Composit

Here we have the cool jet layer on a warm sky background layer.

To apply the warm color of the background to the jet, go to the Filter menu and select Neural Filters. Enable the Harmonization Filter

Harmonization Filter in Photoshop 2022

Then select a reference image, in this case, the sunset sky layer. Photoshop will adjust the colors of the jet image to match the sky’s background color.

You can also make adjustments to the tonal colors with the slider menu. Once done, select New Layer and press OK. Photoshop will then create a new layer of the jet image based on the adjustment.

Jet Composite

Note: the Harmonization Neural Filter currently does not work with Layer Masks. Before using it, apply the layer mask to the layer. To do so, right-click on the mask and select Apply Layer Mask.

Landscape Mixer Neural Filter

The Landscape Mixer Neural Filter is one of the most interesting in Photoshop 2022. It applies presets of landscape effects to an image. From the Filter menu, select Neural Filter and enable the Landscape Mixer.

Then select a preset. In this example, we will use the winter effect preset.

Landscape Neural Filter

Next, adjust the effects using the sliders below the preset menu.

When you’re done, select New Layer from the dropdown and press OK.

Landscape Mixer Neural Filter in Photoshop 2022

Commenting on Cloud Documents

You can now share your Photoshop 2022 files with your team members and comment on your working documents.

Go to the Window menu and select Comments.

Next, save your Photoshop document in Adobe Creative Cloud. Tap the Share button to get feedback from other people.

In the settings menu, under Change, enable the Comment feature. Copy the link, and you’re now ready to share your work with anyone you like.

Comments feature in Photoshop 2022

Paste Vectors from Adobe Illustrator Into Photoshop 2022

In Photoshop 2022, you can paste Vector art from Adobe Illustrator into Photoshop. This is a great feature that designers will love.

Simply select the vector artwork in Illustrator, copy Control C (Windows) or Command C (macOS) and go into Photoshop, and paste Control V (Windows) or Command V (macOS). 

Paste vector illustrator art int Photoshop

In the Paste dialogue box, select Layers and press OK.

Photoshop will then create a layer group, where you will find the Vectors and layer structure of your Vector shape similar to what you had in Illustrator

Paste Dialog Box

In-App Tutorials

Photoshop 2022 comes with some of my tutorials built-in!

These tutorials are guided by on-screen coach marks to help you learn as you create. It is almost like having me work with you side-by-side and telling you where to click!

To open these tutorials, click the search icon on the upper right to open up the Discover panel.

Then click on In-App tutorials, then select “Add photo effects.”

From this list, most of the tutorials you will see are mine. When you click on one, you will see the tutorial creator and a description of what the tutorial is about.

Click on the blue “Start Tutorial” button to start the tutorial.

In-App Photoshop 2022 Tutorials

I also create video tutorials for these in-app tutorials. You can watch my in-app Photoshop tutorial videos here.

Other Tutorial Updates

Check out our Photoshop tutorials that cover other updates:

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