Adobe Photoshop 2020 NEW Features and Updates Explained!

Let’s unravel the exciting updates in Adobe Photoshop 2020!

You’re going to love the fantastic performance enhancement tools in this version. Let’s get started!

Object Selection Tool

The new Object Selection Tool efficiently selects the subject using Artificial intelligence known as Adobe Sensei.

Simply drag around your image with the Object Selection Tool to automatically select the main subject.

object selection tool, photoshop 2020 new features, updates

You can fine-tune the selection by using other selection tools or the Select and Mask workspace.

Transform New Behavior

In Photoshop 2020, when scaling a layer, you no longer have to hold the shift key to scale proportionally.

transform tool, photoshop, control t, command t, photoshop 2020

In the Options Bar, the chain link icon enables or disables the proportional scale.

transform tool, photoshop 2020 new features, control t, command t

If you prefer the old resizing method (holding the Shift key to scale proportionally), go to the Preferences panel. Press Ctrl K (Windows) or Command K (macOS), and under the General tab, enable Use Legacy Free Transform.

legacy transform tool, photoshop preferences, photoshop 2020 new features

New Brush Tool Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop 2020

In Photoshop 2020, you can now easily rotate the Brush Tool with a keyboard shortcut.

Press the left Left arrow key to rotate the Brush Tool counterclockwise and the Right Arrow key to rotate clockwise.

Pressing the Shift key along with the arrow key rotates the brush in large increments.

brush rotation tool, photoshop 2020 new features

We can also adjust the angle from the Options Bar or the Brush Setting dialogue box.

Another new shortcut in Photoshop 2020 is the erase feature when pressing the Tilde key, (below the Escape key).

This shortcut makes it possible to erase with the same brush you are using to paint.

Zoom to Layer Keyboard Shortcut

You can zoom in to the content of a layer by pressing Alt (Windows) or Option (macOS) and clicking on the layer thumbnail.

Photoshop will zoom in to fit the pixels on the screen. This zoom feature only works on a single layer, not grouped layers.

zoom to layer, photoshop 2020

The Properties Panel

The Properties Panel provides easy access to edit the settings of the selected layer. It will show you options for resizing and removing a background.

When working with a text layer, the Properties Panel will allow you to edit the font size, style, or alignment.

properties panel, photoshop 2020, new features

Cloud Document

Photoshop 2020 allows you to save Photoshop documents in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

When saving a new document, you’ll be greeted with a dialogue box with the option to save the document in the Cloud or on your computer.

Cloud documents are saved in the PSDC format. You can see the cloud icon in the document tab indicating that the file is saved in the Creative Cloud.

cloud document, adobe cloud, photoshop

Convert Smart Objects to Layers

A feature that was heavily requested is now a reality in Photoshop 2020.

You can now convert a Smart Object to Layers. Simply right-click on a Smart Object and select Convert Smart Objects to Layers.

The Smart Object will be converted to a Layer Group.

convert smart object to layers, photoshop, new features

Content-Aware Fill

The Content-Aware Fill dialog box lets you remove unwanted content from your photos. In Photoshop 2020, this powerful tool now lets you select the pixels to sample.

In the example below, you can remove the person jumping behind the smiling girl with just a few clicks.

Go to Edit and select Content-Aware Fill.

content aware fill, photoshop new features

In the Content-Aware Fill, choose the sampling setting:

Photoshop automatically selects an area to analyze and generate the fill. The green overlay in the preview window areas determines the pixels Photoshop analyzed to generate the fill. You can add or subtract from the sample area if need be.

Creates a rectangle around the selected subject to be removed.

Allows you to paint from scratch the areas to sample from.

content aware fill, photoshop new feature

Remember to output to a new layer to work nondestructively.

Export As 2-Up Feature

This new Export As incorporates the 2-Up feature. This format helps you compare the quality and file size to the original image.

export as, photoshop new features

“Close Others” Command

Photoshop will now close all open documents except the document that’s currently active by going into File and choosing Close Others.

The keyboard shortcut is Alt Ctrl P (Windows), Option Command P (mac OS).

For floating documents nested in a tab, right-click on the active tab and choose Close Others. Photoshop will only close the documents nested on that tab.

Preset Improvement

In Photoshop 2020, Gradients, Patterns, Shapes, and Styles now have a dedicated panel that will give you total control of the corresponding presets.

From the Window menu, you can select Gradients, Patterns, Shapes, or Styles. In these panels, you can create and organize presets.

presets panel, photoshop new features

Warp Tool

The updated Warp Tool now offers new settings of 4 x 4 and 5 x 5 grids.

You can also customize the grids making a fantastic tool for Photomanipulation.

When you press Ctrl T (Windows) or Command T (macOS) to transform, you can click on the warp Icon in the Options bar.

warp tool, photoshop new features

Then you can use the Split icons to customize the grid. You can create vertical and horizontal splits over your warp to distort your image.

The splits are editable. You can right-click on a Split and choose Remove Warp Split.

warp tool, photoshop new features

Final Thoughts

These are the new and exciting Adobe Photoshop 2020 Top NEW Features and Updates!.

Let me know which are your favorite features. For more Photoshop tutorials, subscribe and visit the Photoshop Training Channel!

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