How To Design a Nightclub Flyer in Photoshop

In this subscriber-only tutorial, I will show you how to design a nightclub flyer in Photoshop.

If you have any questions, leave them below, or send me an email.

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Final Image


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010 - Subscriber - Nightclub Flyer Starter File (2351 downloads )

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Nitin Mungale

Hi Jesús!
Thanks for a very nice and extremely useful tutorial.
I liked it a lot, because I was able to follow your running commentary and pay attention to the video at the same time. (Video was matching the pace of audio and vice-versa).
Thanks once again!


Cool! Didnt even know extrude existed, and the bonus equalizer tips were really helpful, thanx a lot.


I had difficulty at the start as your black image and the background are the same colour and the image size was not given. Otherwise, well done and thank you.


Thanks for a very nice tutorial


Wow, this was awesome. I was just asking a friend yesterday how to create a path to render flames onto an image. Now I know! Now I will practice. Because that will be necessary to retain and duplicate this effect. Thank You!!

Johnny Hernández

Thank you so much, Jesús. I’m learning a lot with your tutorials! This is the first time I use extrude in Photoshop. Now I know how that opening window of my InDesign version was created. Well, maybe, because I guess another Adobe apps have extrude as well. Greetings from Colombia 😀