New Filter To INSTANTLY Remove JPEG Compression Artifacts in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to instantly remove JPEG compression artifacts in Photoshop from repeated downloads and JPEG compressions.

Got an old photo family photo you stumbled on Facebook, and upon downloading, you discover its bad quality?

I hope that this Photoshop tutorial with the 2021 update will help you make your old jpeg photos look amazing!

Applying the JPEG Artifacts Removal Filter in Photoshop 2021

The Photoshop Training Channel has covered this tutorial before on how to remove JPEG compression artifacts in Photoshop, which you can check out here.

With Photoshop 2021, there’s a new Filter that you can utilize specifically for this photographic issue!

You can download the tutorial photo here to follow along.

Choose Filter > Neural Filters.

Click on Beta Filters, and on the list, you’ll find the JPEG Artifacts Removal filter. 

Click to toggle on the effect, and you can choose the strength of the filter from Low, Medium, and High.

Then, you can choose to Output the filter as a Smart Filter so you can work non-destructively. 

Comparing the Old Method and the New Method

Zooming into the image, it’s easy to notice that the JPEG Compression Removal using the Neural Filters has a greater definition of the fine details such as fur. 

This effect may also be helpful for human subjects the way the filter can bring back definition to hairs and skin texture.

On the left, you will see the results from the 2021 Neural Filter and on the right, results using the old method.

With the 2021 update, you can finally remove JPEG compression artifacts in Photoshop in just a few clicks unlike the older method! In this way, you can save more time and recover old photos that are worth keeping.

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