MSI Creator Awards 2024 & Compositing Techniques

Hello, creatives! I’m Jesús Ramírez, I’m thrilled to announce that I will be one of the judges for this year’s MSI Creator Awards 2024. MSI, the world’s leading PC brand, is hosting a global competition that celebrates the fusion of art and technology.

This competition is divided into three primary categories: Graphic Design, Film, and Animation which will be evaluated by professionals. In the secondary category, we have AI-Generated Work which will be chosen by public voting. Winners in each primary category will receive fantastic prizes, including cash rewards and an MSI laptop.

The deadline for submissions is August 11, 2024

Check out the link below for all the details and to submit your work.


June 18: Submission Open
 August 11: End of Submission
August 21: Public Voting Open
September 3: End of Public Voting
September 11: Winner Announcement

Primary Categories

Graphic Design: Poster, Comic, Game Art, 2D Concept Art, Digital Art, and other digitally-generated graphics.

Film: Short Film, Music Video, and other video types involving filming and digital editing.

Animation: 2D Animation (Hand-drawn/Flash), 3D Animation, Stop Motion, Motion Graphics, Live Action with animated characters, and other digitally-generated animations.

These categories will be evaluated by industry professionals with years of experience in design, filmmaking, and animation, ensuring only the most exceptional entries rise to the top.

Secondary Category

AI-Generated Work: Graphic design, film, or animation created using AI tools.

This category highlights the audience’s appreciation for innovative and creative use of artificial intelligence in artistic expression, with winners chosen based on public votes.


The total value of prizes exceeds US$60,000. First prize winners in each primary category will receive a cash prize of US$6,000. Additional prizes include:

  • US$15,000 in total cash pool
  • MSI Laptops
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 1 Year Subscription
  • International exposure (being featured on MSI websites and social media)
  • Future opportunities to work with MSI projects

Photoshop Compositing Techniques

To inspire your submissions, I’ve created a tutorial showcasing some simple yet powerful Photoshop compositing techniques. We’ll work with an image that includes five layers: a background, a paint splatter effect, a brush, a motherboard, and some tech lines.

By the end of the tutorial, you’ll have a stunning composite image that showcases both artistic and technical skills. Follow along with this tutorial to get your creative juices flowing.

Remember, the MSI Creator Awards 2024 is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your talent. Whether you’re working on animation, graphics, or film, this competition is all about pushing the boundaries of creativity with technology. Happy creating!

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