Bourne Legacy Movie Poster Tutorial

In this movie poster tutorial, we’ll create the cool-looking Bourne Legacy movie poster using some pretty nifty techniques.

We’ll use an image of the actor, mask it out, and apply the film look using various adjustment layers.

We will then use vector masks to create the black line design, and finally, I’ll also show you how to create the Bourne Legacy logo.

In This Movie Poster Tutorial You Will Learn How To:

03:34 – Extract the foreground from the background using the quick selection tool.
04:20 – Use the quick mask mode to refine your selection.
05:44 – Use the “refine mask” panel.
06:20 – Add a “movie look” to your image.
09:25 – Create a smokey background using the “clouds” filter
09:58 – Use the warp transform tool to shape the smokey background.
13:40 – Add film grain to your image.
17:00 – Use vector masks to create black bars.
24:03 – Add a slogan to your movie poster.
33:57 – Create the Bourne Legacy logo.
40:55 – Add the actor credits to your poster.

Final Image

Drag The Slider To See Before & After

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like it……………………..


Actually, the Bourne Legacy movie poster for both the movie and some versions of the DVD looks like the tutorial here and in other areas…

This does not mean that creating tutorials for the movie is “copying content.” All of these tutorials fall within fair use act of 1978 when it comes to creation for learning. Learn your “copyright” before yelling at people for stealing.

Good tutorial…Keep them coming.


Excellent tutorial; I learned a lot.


Thx for the tut… really enjoyed it, keep the good work.
Here’s what I’ve done


Awesome way to chop a picture nicely.


very nice imege, thanks


Really impressive work. Congrats!

If I may, I have something to add, to increase the productivity.
I noticed that when you wanted to edit the names of the actors, when you finished with one and wanted to edit another, you changed to the “Move” tool to deselect the word and then back to the “Type” tool.
Instead, when you finish editing the first word, hit control + enter. This way you deselect the word you were editing, without leaving the “Type” tool.

That’s it! I hope it helps in shaving precious seconds of work time.

Shahlise Wainui

Do you guys have a Bourne Identity tutorial?


I would love to have the tutorial on the movie poster but the link leads to a 404 error page.
Can you put the link back so that it is available please?
Thank you so much.