The Mockingjay Movie Poster Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’re going to recreate the Mockingjay movie poster. We’ll use 3D in Photoshop to create the wings and the ring and to create the fire. We’ll use the Flame generator.

As you will see in the video, this is an improved remake of my Catching Fire movie poster tutorial, which I created for my friend Ildefonso Segura, who runs one of the biggest Photoshop YouTube channels in Spanish. You can check out that video here (in Spanish):

Although some of the techniques used in this tutorial are similar to the Catching Fire tutorial, there are many more new techniques that I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

If you enjoyed this tutorial, then please share it with a friend!

Final Image

Drag The Slider To See Before & After

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Graham Vernon

I am 72 and have Photo Cs6 Extended but I don’t know how to Change the render block.
When I render I get a Little square with four smaller ones inside, but I have seen render blocks with 16 small Squares inside Making a 4×4 grid that seems to make the rendering Quicker. Please can you help? I am new to 3D.

I loved your tutorial using CC could you please do some for Cs6 extened.

Christian Allred

I’m following along while creating the same thing in photoshop before I try my own elements. I’m not new to photoshop but am new to the 3D aspect…

When I tried the first extrusion on the right wing it did not give me the bump texture options you have so I started again trying with the blob. I can follow exactly to the point of the bump but when I click the folder to the right of the bump slider, the only options given are ‘new texture’ and ‘load texture’. It also does not bring up a new tab as shown in the video.

Is there a step I’m missing? I’ve been going slowly and pausing the video often as each tiny step is done so I can follow with less mistakes.

Christian Allred

I was on cs6 but just upgraded to CC. I’ll try to follow along again… I’m pretty new to any 3D functions but have some ideas I’d like to do for a new Photoshop design using some 3D elements in it.


Hi Jesús, I was looking for one tutorial about wings and I came across with this awesome one from you.
It’s a bit difficult but I’m willing to try it, I don’t know if I’ll get it. I have already suscrived to your Facebook and also to your webpage but I have a question. Where can I get the files to do it? I look forward to hearing you soon