Man Of Steel Movie Poster Tutorial

It’s time for PTC’s second movie poster tutorial! (The first was the Bourne Legacy Movie Poster Tutorial)

In this tutorial, we’ll recreate the cool looking Superman Man of Steel teaser movie poster using some cool professional techniques.

You’ll also learn how to create the Superman logo, the “S”, using the pen tool, and use textures to make it more realistic.

The Man Of Steel Movie Poster Tutorial is probably one of my longest tutorials but it’s also one of my best,  I think it’s going to be very interesting and a lot of fun for you, I hope you enjoy it!

Leave your comments and questions below, or send me a Tweet!

In This Tutorial You Will Learn How To:

02:03 – Add guides using percentages.
02:34 – “Place” images into your composition.
04:13 – Use channels to make a selection.
05:18 – Create a vignette using the clouds filter.
07:10 – Create a highlight using the “blend if” options.
09:50 – Use the pen tool to create the Superman logo.
14:30 – Add layer styles to add a bevel & emboss, and textures.
17:18 – Duplicate layer styles using alt (command) + drag.
20:38 – Add textures to the image.
22:50 – Make the logo look 3D.
24:34 – Add gradient overlays to add color & highlights.
30:50 – Paint with black and white to create highlights and shadows.
35:55 – Create a shadow for the entire logo.
38:20 – Create the Man of Steel text.
40:55 – Use a lens flare to create text highlights.

Final Image:

Man Of Steel Movie Poster Tutorial

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great tutorial. thanx
but i have one question please.
can you do the same tutorial with an “A” letter?

that’ll be very nice


OK. I will try it 🙂


Quite a long tutorial… 45 min! but the result is worth it. Such a high quality image.


ok im not a photoshop guru ….but this guy knows his stuff….he goes really fast so i had to keep pausing…and also used my own back ground and created the heart logo using circles…may be i should have gotten a pic online or something..also i just duplicated the j to get that effect..but ..I really could nt keep up with all of the layer mask stuff. I think hes a really good teacher .


I posted the picture on here for those who want to see ..please let me know what you think…for a rookie am I

Aqib ali


I have watched your video and made it by myself too you r awsom. i am a newe person just trying to be a professional and you videos are helping me alots.

Thanks & Regards,

Aqib Ali


Learned so much from this! Super awesome! Some great techniques in this tutorail! Love it!

Dolores Russo

It’s a good one – I’m a PS teacher as well but I don’t do it online. I do use online tutorials (good ones, like yours) as part of my teaching along with teacher demo and peer teaching too. I teach high school – my students have come back to me and said they didn’t want to take photoshop all over again in college but were told by the college they had to. My kids knew more than the instructors! Underhanded compliment.
I also have many Hispanic students and you have shown them that photoshp is easy once you put in the work.
Good job


thank his video tutorials


Downloaded the file. Can not extract.


I was able to download the file once but unable to extract or open it. I can’t download it again. Evertime I try the download button does not appear.


Thanks Got it. Works.
I think because I don’t belong to facebook, google+ or tweet is the reason I can not get a download button to appear. In the future instead of bothering someone who has a plate full already with all the help you are providing I will find similar photos and textures on my own to follow along with.

Great tutorials by the way and thanks again 🙂


I just love this place….


where can you find the “S”-psd file??it is f***ing awsome…


Hi there. Great tutorial.
But I have one difficulty. At 26.24 you create a new material adjustment layer and change its blending mode to multiply/ But When I do the same thing it multiplies with the gradiented extrusion but not the background group so no background comes through at all. When you put its opacity down to 40% afterwards its still very grey and you can hardly see the background.
Do you have any idea what could be wrong?

it is a great logo

hi can you send me the fifle please i can not download it
my email is


Hey, Excellent work!!!!
But can you provide me with the background pictures you worked with????
I just cant find them…


how do you make the classic superman logo also??


Work of art!!!!!!
You have blessing in your hands…….
I enjoy as always!!!!
Thank’s Bro!!


I’ve tweeted but download link doesn’t appear & my newsletter signup gets rejected. Could you add me and send link to the tutorial files? Thanks for the AWESOME tutorial!!!!


I’m trying to do this, however when I do the logo (Select a ney layer+ make the logo, etc.) I cannot do the extra shapes on the logo and afterwards i cannot duplicate them on the background. I do not have the option in the duplicate to. Can you help me with a tip, please?


where is the .psd file of logo? you said it is included here. i want it to get the shapes better. can provide me one?


What lines would you use in the flash logo instead of the superman logo?


Your awesome man. I had to create a youtube account just to say so. I’ve seen plenty of tutorials and never felt compelled to create an account to say “Thank You!” Keep it up. Also, I run a digital apparel printing business. Check it out on facebook. Genius Apparel.


Thank you for your tutorial. It’s really useful and worth to follow.

Ajay Susvirkar

Thank you so much bro. You are brilliant.
I followed your tutorial as part of my college assignment and trust me I learnt way more than what I did in the academy.
For some reason the image looks too saturated in my phone but it looks normal in my laptop. Any idea why it is like that.
Here’s the link to my image, would appreciate you critiques.

Kendall Gosage

Awesome video! I have been using Photoshop for over 20 years and STILL learning things like this. Thank you.