Line Drawing From A Photo & A Free Photoshop Action!

In this Subscriber-Only Tutorial, I will show you how to create a line drawing from a photo.

We’ll use a combination of filters and adjustment layers to achieve this effect.

I’ve also included a Photoshop Action to make this a simple 1-click process!

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below!

In This Tutorial, You Will Learn How To:

01:25 – Desaturate an image.
01:37 – Invert the colors of an image.
01:54 – Apply a Gaussian blur to give a “line look” to the image.
02:40 – Use the “curves” adjustment layer to create contrast
03:00 – Use a layer with the blending mode “soft light” to create detail in the image.
03:55 – Apply blending modes to a group.
04:25 – Use the FREE Action to do all the work for you!

Tutorial Files:

Free Action:

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Final Image

Drag The Slider To See Before & After

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Caolyn Summers

Are the links available for the resources used; I would really like a link for the action.

Thank you!

Caolyn Summers

Thank you very much for the added links. This is a great tutorial!


Fantastic…you explain in deep detail and add a little extra for us….amazing!!! Thank you so much!


You are most welcome!


San Frantastic! Thanks for the great tutorial and action!


Great tutorial, thank you so much, I’ve been searching a long time for a great tutorial like this, the effect you explained even if its simple its simply amazing thanks!


Wow, if Photobacks and Topaz new you were teaching us all these effects for free, they’d be really upset. I watch their tutorials for tips and tricks but I sure don’t want to buy their stuff since I just play with it and am not a professional.
So instead, it is I who is thankful and greatful that you enjoy teaching us what you know. Sharing is wonderful.
If only the world would learn that too :O)
Thanks again. I’ll keep watching.


I plan to be as good as you in Photoshop! Keep up the good work!


Great tutorial!


Thank you so much!!! I’ve been wanting to turn photos into line drawings, but I didn’t know how!

And thanks for the Action!!!!


I can’t download the actor photo. It says the webpage isn’t available!

pat cleary

Have just downloaded the action, am delighted with it. Thanks very much, the tutorial was fantastic

your Irish follower


CAROLINE edwards

thank you so very much – this looks like a lot of fun.


Thank you for these great tutorials. More importantly thank you for the files used so we can follow along with the same photos etc. Thank you so much for the actions too! I really appreciate what you are doing for us….


Thank you, for a very straight forward tutorial on how to change a photo into a line drawing.
Can you do this in Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Elements?


Awesome tutorial! And thank you for the free action 🙂

Jack Buck

Hello. remarkable job. I did not expect this. This is a splendid story. Thanks!