Jurassic World Movie Poster In Photoshop

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can recreate the Jurassic World teaser movie poster using only Photoshop.

I will not use images to create textures for this project. The entire poster will be created using nothing more than Vector Shapes, Pattern Fills, Filters, Layer Styles, and Adjustment Layers.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

Also, I would like to thank ALL of you for the amazing support I’ve received during this last year; I really do appreciate it!

Thank you so much!

Note: In Photoshop 2020 and newer, the patterns are hidden. Watch this video to bring back the hidden patterns.

Final Image


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Danny Joiner

Great as always!


can’t find the files for the tutorials


Where find your pattern plz ?

Jacob Atom

Hi there! I’m having the same issue as the above commenter – I have a “Sandpaper Pattern” but it looks nothing like the one you select in the video; it just looks like a gaussian blur :-/


thank you for sharing this tutorial, i can learn about photoshop for beginner


I can not download the Jurassic files .
Can you send them to me ?
I like your videos they are very interesting


hi, i would like to thank you for this and all your other tutorials. i started using Photoshop about 15 years ago when i did advertising and log making, have to say i was pretty good at it. i took a brake to have my family, now my kids are old enough for me to get back into it. needless to say, the new version is way over my head. i have been trying to find tutorials to ease me back in and oh boy….. when i found yours it was heaven sent…. you didnt just help me ‘ease’ back in, you helped me jump in at full speed. this is the first one i tried and it was complicated but yet so simple and your explanations where fabulous. i would really like to show you what i did using this Dino, i didnt just do the movie poster i did a ‘blinged out’ Dino as well, did them both today.
can i please send you pictures of the 2 Dinos to get your opinion?
if so, what would be the best way for me to sent you them?
THANK YOU so very much, i cant wait to try another tutorial.
Suzette Joseph-Roopnarine
(from the island of Trinidad, in the Caribbean)


thank you i will sent them


i sent them to your facebook page. thank you again

Alfredo G. Castellanos

Gracias.Están excelentes.

yair shalit

BOOM! great work man! TY SO MUCH


Don’t see the same patterns.


Thank you, I got it now. Great videos, you’ve helped me so much. Keep up the great work.