Image Formats and Where to Use Them!

Let’s go back to basics. The image file formats that are most commonly used are listed below.

File FormatFile ExtensionUse
Joint Photographic Experts Group.jpg/.jpegPerfect for real-life photographs, paintings, and scenes with smooth variations of colors and effects.
Portable Network Graphics.pngWidely used lossless image compression format. Perfect for preserving original images with complete visual details.
Graphics Interchange Format.gifSuitable for sharp-edged line art with a limited number of colors, small animations, and low-resolution movie clips.
Tagged Image File Format.tiffStandard in printing, desktop publishing, faxing, 3D applications, and medical imaging.
Portable Document Format.pdfAdequate for web downloads, image sharing, and printing in some cases.
Adobe Illustrator Artwork.aiRepresents single-page vector-based drawings in either EPS or PDF formats. The extension is designed for Adobe Illustrator.
Photoshop Document.psdProvides support for most imaging options available in Photoshop. It keeps layers intact with a file size limit of 2GB.
Photoshop Large Document or Photoshop Big.psbA file format almost identical to .PSD, but unlike .PSD, it supports documents larger than 2GB and can range up to 4.2 billion GB.

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