How To Use “Blend If” In Photoshop Like a PRO: The Definitive 7-Minute Guide

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to use “Blend If” like a pro.

This video will demystify this scary command to help you create fast and easy blends.

With the techniques that you will learn in this tutorial, you will be able to make fast and easy sky replacements, apply textures to text, create cool special effects, and much more.

“Blend If” is truly one of Photoshop’s unsung heroes and an extremely powerful tool that often gets overlooked.

Much like Blending Modes, “Blend If“, allows you to blend layers together but with much more control.

Watch this tutorial all the way through and let me know in the comments what you think!

INDEX – How To Use “Blend If” in Photoshop Like a PRO

04:48 – Blend If Explanation (Gray)
02:54 – Use Blend If To Create Special Effects
04:06 – Apply Textures Using Blend If
05:24 – Blend If Explanation (RGB channels)
07:40 – Sky Replacements Using Blend If

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Cor van der Linden

Great way to replace a sky. Did not know that

Great tutorial


Blend if is great I am trying to add a sky behind a bridge but parts of the bridge disappear when I try to add a sky using blend if how can I stop this .

Harley Mathieson

Wow – thanks!! Did not know I could split the sliders like that!

Dave Renar

Very useful tutorial. Thanks for sharing.


Wow! Outstanding tutorial. Thanks!!

Chris Harper

Fantastic – very helpful videol………..


Loved this tutorial. Great Job

Peter Allum

What a great tutorial, one of your best and so well demonstrated

Jim Taylor

When I use the Blend If method of replacing a sky, in a file with snow-topped mountains, I double click the top layer and then click blue. When I start sliding the white slider it begins knocking out the blue in the snow before it knocks out the sky to reveal substitute sky below. If I keep sliding it replaces sky AND snow with replacement sky.
What am I doing wrong or how do I handle this? I had a similar situation with water in a picture that was being replaced also because it contained blue.

Jim Taylor


Tony Palmieri

Hi Jesus, really informative video. Well done! Desiring to learn how to replace washed out in grey skies in real estate images with a Bluer sky more natural looking sky. Would I leave the blend if sliders on Gray to remove the gray? Or is there another technique you can share? Thank you very much, Tony



Although you tend to go a little fast sometimes, your tutorials are always of great value, even when I (have to ;))see them for the tenth time (to remember the “tricks”).

Wondering if I could download the example files you used in this indispensable <> as they tell me more than the proverbial 1000 words.