How To Make Someone Older In Photoshop – Young To Old Tutorial

Most people use Photoshop to make themselves look younger, healthier, and better looking and using products like Coochie Runtz Strain can make you feel healthier; still not many people are doing the opposite (unless of course, you are Photoshopping yourself into a Zombie!).

In this Photoshop training tutorial, I will show you how to do just that; how to make someone older in Photoshop.

With this aging Photoshop technique, you can make anyone seem decades older, and best of all, it is really easy to do!

The techniques I’m going to show you in this video are fun, and they deliver some incredibly realistic results!

All you will need is a picture of yourself (or any other person), and the reference images I have provided below.

If you have any comments or questions, leave them below, or you can send me a Tweet.

In This Young To Old Photoshop Tutorial You Will Learn How To:

00:43 – Use the quick selection tool to remove the foreground from the background.
01:19 – Use the “refine mask” panel to refine your mask.
07:50 – Use the patch tool to add wrinkles to your image.
12:43 – Use the liquify tool to make a face look older.
14:40 – Create “old-looking” ears.
17:50 – Add “old” eyebrows to your image.
19:25 – Create a brush to paint facial hair.
24:49 – Add white hair to your image.

Final Image

Drag The Slider To See Before & After

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awesome young to old 🙂


Thanks for the detailed explanation,, but to tell the truth, you could have cut a good 10 minutes or more out of this video because you were over-explaining everything.
actually, I really think this video could have been 9 or 10 mins tops!
its frustrating to have to listen to something for 30 mins that could have been done in 10.
but it was a good detailed tutorial… (for people that dont mind giving up 30 mins of their time to learn something simple)

Your name here

wow cool


where is the old people photo you said it would be on website

Tracy Mapes

You Did a Really Great Job!

But like the Other Poster noted, there was a lot of wasted time,

mostly in not utilizing the Reason that You went to all the trouble to Carefully Scaling the Images of the Older Persons.

Instead of having to individually cutting and pasting Wrinkles, While Your Original Layer and Older Person Overlay are still in alignment, Add a Layer Mask to Your Old Image, and then Invert the Layer Mask to 100% Black (Transparency).

Then You can just Freely Paint on Wrinkles any where you would like them to Appear without having to think about it, by Paint with White Paint.

This gives the Photoshop User the Freedom to use all of the Layer Blend Modes and Transparency Options as they Create their New Image.

I Hope that will Help in Future Tutorials in Simplifying what seems to be a Complex Process.

Fantastic Work that You Accomplished Here.

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes


I was very interested in your aging video, but because I don’t belong to any social groups, I was not able to download the tutorial.

sean gabriel

Great tutorial, clearly explained. I learned some things for sure. I never use the History Brush but may give it a try now. I also didn’t know the 50% guides trick, going to use that for sure. PS: It’s amazing how anyone can be “frustrated” by a FREE tutorial video ;-).


Thanks for the insightful tutorial! Never too old to learn. 🙂
Regarding the tutorial files, is it at all possible to get higher resolution files to prevent the image from looking pixelated?


i really like how you teach this, but i don’t understand on how to take off the old man after words. i mean after you Merge Layers, after you put the wrinkles on, how do you take off the old man and leave your picture with the wrinkles. because after you stop and pause, that’s where i get lost and don’t know how to take off the old man.


Great video!! More than helpful tutorial!! But in the beggining i seem to have a problem…i select myself with the quick selection tool but then the “add mask” in the layer section is not clickable!! So as the layer mask in the layers tab at the top!! Any idea on what im doing wrong?? 🙁


awsome so werthot!



thanks for the tutorial. i’m having trouble merging the layers. i can merge (ctrl + e) the layer with the picture of the first old man ‘old 1’, however once you pause and restart the video with the second old man image if i try to merge these ‘old 2’ it merges instead with the layer below ‘old 1’. Please can you advise what i am doing wrong?


At 12:32, you pause the video to add more wrinkles. When you come back you have a new layer with a new image of an old man but the wrinkles you have added on old 1 is still visible. How would you do that?




thanks you sir


Hi, I’m looking forward to trying this thank you. Just wondering, the pictures of the older people that you use… Do they need to be similar resolution to the photo of yourself?
Thanks again


Hi so can this work aging someone who has past?! Example he past very young would to see what he would look like today

Chloe Gigliotti

I need some help. I am unsure how to get rid of the pictures of the older people after you have used them with the patch and lasso tool. I don’t want my final product to have a random picture of an old person. If you could please explain what I do to get rid of the image that would be great!

This is for a school assignment.

Thank you.

Chloe Gigliotti

Also, this has been an awesome and very helpful tutorial! Unlike some others, I find the explanations and detail very helpful!

Alan Ichiriu

I have a project/job where I have to change an image of a 20 something female (both full frontal face and at a 45° angle to the camera) and age her to a 30 year old, 40 year old, 50 year old and 60 year old.

Is this a job you might consider taking? If so, let me know your costs and I can run it through my account group.

To summarize, it would be 4—10 year incremental aging images of a 20 something female in two angles. Total of 8 images.



I’m doing a project where I have to age a 16 year old boy but only slightly, to make him look like 30 years old. I was wondering what techniques you would suggest, since the age is not much and wrinkles and all kind of haven’t existed yet. Thank you.

Dogum gunu pastasi

Thank you so much. Thanks for sharing.

Max Brassfield

You are an artist Jesus, I’ve enjoyed so many of your video’s. Being 72 now is there a video on going from OLD to Young? (lol)


This is awesome. Thank you
Can you please show us to make image slider like you did.