How To Create Realistic Facial Hair in Photoshop

How to create realistic facial hair in Photoshop? This can be a tricky task. Simply creating a selection and telling Photoshop to add a beard often results in unrealistic outcomes, altering the face entirely. But fear not! In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through a professional technique using Gen Fill to achieve seamless and natural-looking facial hair effects.

Time needed: 4 minutes

  1. Enable Quick Mask Mode

    Enable quick mask mode by pressing the Q key on the keyboard. The layer highlighted in red indicates Quick Mask mode.

    Then, we can use the Brush Tool to paint with black to deselect and white to select.

  2. Customize Quick Mask Options

    Exiting Quick Mask mode, we’ll observe our selection encompassing the entire canvas. However, we want Photoshop to retain the areas we’ve painted black. To adjust this, double-click the Quick Mask icon to access Quick Mask options and select “Selected areas.”

  3. Adjust Overlay Color

    Now, when we paint with black, Photoshop makes a selection. Customize the Mask Overlay color to green to enhance visibility, ensuring clear distinction from skin tones.

  4. Resize Brush and Paint

    Next, resize the brush and adjust hardness to zero, painting over desired areas where facial hair will appear. Mistakes can easily be corrected by holding the Tilde key to remove selections.

  5. Generate Facial Hair Variations

    Once satisfied, press the Q key and choose “Generate” or “Fill,” typing “beard” to prompt Photoshop to provide realistic variations.

  6. Refine the Effect

    After selecting the preferred variation, we’ll refine the effect by filling the layer mask with black and selectively painting with white to reveal specific areas of the facial hair. This technique preserves original facial features, resulting in a more realistic outcome.

With this tutorial, you’ll master how to create realistic facial hair in Photoshop, empowering you to transform portraits with confidence. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned creative, this tutorial offers invaluable insights for achieving professional-grade results!

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