Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin In Photoshop

In this tutorial we’ll turn an ordinary pumpkin into a frightening Halloween jack-o-lantern.

We’ll create this image by taking advantage of Layer Styles and Adjustment Layers.

We’ll a lot in this video so rewind the video, so remember to pause and rewind if things get confusing.

If you are still having problems, leave your questions or comments below.

Download Assets

Download Assets Here

Final Image

Drag The Slider To See Before & After

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OMG, absolutely fascinating…!! Loved this tutorial, learned so much from it — and can’t wait to dig into the PSD file to see all the nuts and bolts! I have watched many Photoshop tutorials over the years, and this is the first time I have ever felt prompted to actually leave a comment about one. Thank you sooooo much for your wonderful website and all the time you put into your fabulous tutorials — you are THE BEST!!


I was just wondering how you created the mouth, especially the back one. hope that makes sense


hello! great video i just have one problem every time i try to make the gradient overlay i cant see the white dot it just becomes orange … no matter how much i move it


Great tutorial and still working on it…got as far as one eye. I too was not able to achieve the white area in the eye as you demonstrated. Where and how do I send you a screen shot? Please advise


I’d love to do this in my classroom. Where do I download the files for this project? I did not see a link.


When I try to fill the eye with black after making a new layer pressing shift delete in Photoshop CC 2014 it comes up looking like the pumpkin this is the layer after doing all the inner glow patterns etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance have a great day

Richard Harkins

Really enjoyed the tutorial. One thing to mention, when I started to follow along with the downloaded pumpkin it wasn’t long before what I was seeing was different than what I was seeing on the tutorial. I then realized that for a ‘Workspace’ you were in ‘3D’ and not in ‘Photography’. If you are wanting to replicate this on your own you need to go to Windows > Workspace > 3D, just be sure to change back to ‘Photography’ when done. Love the Jack-O-Lantern!!!

Robyn Lyon

My class loves this assignment, but are finding some parts a little difficult to follow. Would you be able to provide me with written directions?