Generative Fill in Photoshop – The Ultimate Guide!

Discover the revolutionary capabilities of Generative Fill—the groundbreaking suite of AI-powered capabilities that taps into your innate creativity.

With simple text prompts, you can now seamlessly add, extend, or remove content from your images, all while working non destructively.

Generative Fill opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. Here’s what you can do with this game-changing tool:

  1. Generate objects: Select any area in your image and describe what you envision adding or replacing through a text prompt. Watch as your ideas come to life, creating a harmonious blend within your composition.
  2. Generate backgrounds: Choose the background behind your subject, and let the power of Generative Fill create an entirely new scene based on your text prompt. Transform your images into captivating narratives with just a few clicks.
  3. Extend images: Expand the canvas of your image and select the empty region. With or without a prompt, Generative Fill will seamlessly extend your scene, producing stunning results that seamlessly blend with the existing content.
  4. Remove objects: Don’t let unwanted elements ruin your perfect shot. Just select the object you want to remove, and Generative Fill will work its magic. Without any prompt, the AI technology intelligently erases the object from your image, leaving no trace behind.

But that’s not all—Generative Fill thrives on versatility. Embrace off-the-wall ideas, explore different concepts, and effortlessly generate dozens of variations with a single command.

Unleash your imagination and unlock a world of possibilities with Adobe Generative Fill.

How the Generative Fill Works

1. Select the desired area or object in your image

Utilize any selection tool available in Photoshop to choose the specific part of your image you want to work with.

Creating a Selection

2. Access Generative Fill

Find and click on the Generative Fill button in the contextual taskbar that appears or go to the Window menu > Contextual Task Bar > Generative Fill

3. Provide your text prompt

Describe the object or scene you wish to generate in English. It’s also possible to leave this box blank, allowing Photoshop to fill the selection based on the surrounding context.

A sleeping fluffy cat generated using generative fill

Tip: Currently, the text prompts support English language only. For optimal results, use descriptive nouns and adjectives instead of instructive phrases like “fill the area” or “create a scene.”

4. Generate variations

A new Generative Layer will be created in the Layers panel, providing access to the Properties panel where you can view your text prompt, mask, and variations.

This allows you to explore numerous creative possibilities and easily revert back to the original image without affecting it.

Thumbnail previews of the generated variations based on your prompt will be displayed in the Properties Panel or the Generative Fill dialog.

5. Generate more variations

Optional: To generate additional variations, click the Generate button again in the Properties panel.

You can also modify your text prompt in the prompt box and click Generate to create new variations based on the revised text.

In the Properties panel, you can view the variations and click on the thumbnail previews to see the results on your image.

Generating water and reflections

Say goodbye to water plugins forever!

In this image, the prompt is “Lake With Calm Reflective Waves” for the bottom half.

a selection to generate water and reflections
Generating water and reflections result

Here’s an example of a realistic reflection created by the Generative Fill.

Generating Clothes

Create a selection around the shirt including the arms to generate a new outfit.

A selection around the shirt
Leather jacket result

Generating Hair

In this example, we aim to change the hair color to blond.

Photoshop will replace the whole selection (in this case, your whole face) so make sure to create a selection only on the areas you want to change.

Here’s the correct way to do it.

Selection around hair
Blond hair result

Generate Backgrounds 

We’ll generate a building with reflective windows.
Make a selection in the specific area that you want to change.

Selection in the background
Generated reflective windows on the background

Create Composites 

You can generate images on a blank canvas to create your composition.

In the image below, we generated a grassy field, an overcast sky, a rocky creek with reflective water, and an old red barn.

Extend Images

You can change the aspect ratio of an image and extend the background.

Enable the crop tool and use the handles to expand the canvas size. Apply the changes.

Activate the Rectangular Marquee Tool and select each side, ensuring a small portion of the original image is included.

Hold Shift and repeat the process on the opposite side.

Click the Generative Fill button and leave the prompt empty—do not enter any text. Simply click the generate button.

Photoshop intelligently determines the ideal appearance for the transparent area, producing mind-blowing results.

Remove Objects

The Generative Fill feature truly excels in this aspect.

By making a selection and leaving the prompt blank, you can effortlessly generate content that removes unwanted elements giving your photos an incredible transformation.

Imagine the possibilities of having flawless vacation pictures that appear untouched by unwanted elements.

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