PTC’s FREE Beginner Photo Editing Course on Adobe’s Website

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Check out my Beginner Photo Editing Course on Adobe’s website!

This is the first of several free courses that I am doing for Adobe. The links below will take you to the corresponding pages on the Adobe website.

Check out the videos here:

1️⃣ The Power of Lightroom Profiles
Apply a profile to a photo in Adobe Lightroom CC as a starting point for your edits or to create a stylistic effect.
Light Panel
2️⃣ How To Bring Back Lost Detail From Shadows and Highlights
Bring out hidden detail in your photos with the Light controls in Lightroom CC.
Color Casts
3️⃣ How To Easily Remove Color Casts From Your Photos
Learn how to easily correct a color cast or color tint from your photos.
Colors Pop
4️⃣ How To Make The Colors of Your Photos Pop
Make dull colors in photos more intense with the Saturation and Vibrance sliders.
Dull Colors
5️⃣ How To Make Your Dull Photos Come To Life
Add punch to your photos with the Clarity and Dehaze sliders.
Reduce Noise
6️⃣ The Best Way To Reduce Noise in Your Photos
Noise reduction fully explained.
Sharpen Photos
7️⃣ How To Sharpen Your Photos Like a Pro
Everything you need to know about Sharpening.

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