Export LUTs in Photoshop! Unlock The Power Lookup Tables

In this tutorial, you will learn to export LUTs in Photoshop and import them into Premiere Pro to apply the Color Grade to your videos!

Step 01 – Create a Color Grade using Adjustment Layers

To create a LUT file in Photoshop you need to apply a color grade by using one or more adjustment layers.

You can download the sample file or create your own.

The final look is not important. The goal of this tutorial is to show how to export the resulting LUT file containing all the adjustments.

In the sample file, we have multiple Adjustment Layers with different Blending Modes, Opacity, and a Blend If adjustment.

Step 02 – Export LUTs In Photoshop (Table Lookup Adjustment)

Once you create a Color Grade using adjustment layers, you can export the LUT In Photoshop.

First, make sure that your document contains a Background Layer.

Select the bottommost layer, and go into Layer > New > Background from Layer.

The layer will now read “Background” and you will see a Lock icon.

Now, go into File > Export > Color Lookup Tables.

From this window, give your LUT a description. I named mine “Warm Color Grade.”

Then, choose a Quality. Keep in mind that the higher the quality, the larger the file size.

Under Format, you can uncheck all the boxes except for CUBE.

The CUBE format works with Adobe Premiere Pro and a lot of other video editing applications.

Then press OK.

A dialogue box will appear. From here, you can name the LUT file. 

I’ll give it the same name, “Warm Color Grade,” and click Save.

Step 03 – Import the LUT into Photoshop

After you Export the LUT In Photoshop, you can apply it as a Color Lookup Table Adjustment Layer. 

In the New Adjustment Layer icon, choose Color Lookup Table Adjustment Layer.

From the 3D LUT file section, click on Load 3D LUT and find the LUT file you exported.

Select Warm Color Grade and click on Load.

Photoshop will apply the Color Grade.

It looks exactly the same, all those Adjustment Layers created this specific look,
but it is now applied with that single adjustment layer.

Import the LUT into the Color Lookup Adjustment Dropdown

To make this LUT preset appear in the Color Lookup Adjustment dropdown.

Place your 3D LUT file in your computer’s corresponding Mac or Windows folder.


 Applications/Adobe Photoshop 2023 /Presets/3DLUTs


  C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2023\Presets\3DLUTs

Then, restart Photoshop and you will see your LUT file in the dropdown

Step 04 – Import the LUT into Premiere Pro

After you Export LUTs in Photoshop you can import them into Adobe Premiere Pro to apply the color grade to videos.

To do so, open Premiere Pro. with your clip selected, go into the Window menu, and choose Lumetri Color.

From the Creative section, go into the Look dropdown and choose Browse.

Find your LUT and press Open.

This will apply your Color Grade created in Photoshop to your video file in Premiere Pro.

You should also be able to import this file to other video editing applications.

Import the LUT into the Lumetri Look Dropdown

To make this LUT preset appear in the Look dropdown in Premiere Pro, place your 3D LUT file in your computer’s corresponding Mac, or Windows folder.


  /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/LUTs/Creative     


  C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro 2023\Lumetri\LUTs\Creative     

Then restart Premiere Pro and your LUT will now appear in the Look dropdown and you can apply it to any video.

That’s it! You’ve successfully learned how to create and save your own custom LUT files,
and apply the Color Grade to your videos.

You can share your results on Instagram by tagging @photoshoptrainingchannel and using the hashtag #ptcvids for a chance to be featured!

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