Design a Magazine Cover In Photoshop

In this tutorial, we’ll design a Fashion magazine cover using Photoshop. We’ll use an image of my good friend and fashion blogger Cheryl Van den Berg.

We’ll use the help of a free plugin called GuideGuide to easily set up our document’s guides. These guides will give you a visual representation of the bleed areas and print safe areas, as well as a grid to align the Magazine blurbs and headlines.

I’ll also show you some nifty techniques to take your magazine cover to the next level!

If you’re into fashion or want to thank Cheryl for letting us use her image, go to her blog Oh To Be A Muse.

Or you can check out her Facebook page and tell her you found her through PTC!

Final Image

Fashion Magazine Cover

If you enjoyed this tutorial, make sure to follow PTC on YouTube! And if you create something using this tutorial, share it on social media with the hashtag #PTCvids for a chance to get featured!

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The video does not play for how to make a magazine cover.


Thank you….totally awesome. You crammed so much info in. Great.


I thank you for sharing this tutorial

C. Diane

Thank you for this awesome tutorial!! I have always wanted to do something like this. But haven’t got a chance to do it yet. I was wondering if by the way do you do any cheat sheet so I can go step by step. I am no hearing person but can follow the instruction, the problem is I have to stop each setting to get what it has to go through. If you do happen to have the readable instruction and can you please email me so I can keep this as my information. I beleive one of my club with would like for me to do something with the cover page.
That will impress them of how the cover will make for our “Deaf Club”. After I create the cover and will let ya know. That amaze me after I found this from the facebook. I enjoy everything you do.


I wanted to get a quick overview of the basics of designing a magazine cover in photoshop.

This provided that overview.

Other details which were not easily and quickly gotten online was information pertaining to sizing of the cover page. 8.5 x 11, 3 x 4 ratio, or as you used, 8.25 x 11.25? You briefly touched upon this by mentioning the dpi from 300 to 150. But if you could add extra details on sizing conventions for the overall cover page reserving output for print and/or pdf publication. Also, how would you approach designing coverpages using InDesign, does any of this workflow pass over to InDesign – Or have you produced an InDesign video illustration basic magazine template designing.

Lastly, the guideguide software is no longer free, I believe it is now $10.00. Just FYI.


I used the Guideguide free trial and it worked just fine for this project


hi thx for this tutorial , i enjoy it , mmm , sorry but this is the 1st time for me for this kind of design so i dont know witch form i should save it , its gif or png or what ??


This tutorial is AWESOME. I followed all your steps and created an amazing project of my own for my intro to photoshop class. I also took your advice and thanked model Cheryl on her Facebook page and she replied right away. Not only is she a beautiful model, she is also a friendly and sweet person. A+++++++