The Secret To Creating Amazing Composites: Perspective And Vanishing Points

In this tutorial we’ll be learning what is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to compositing images together;  perspective.

The techniques that I’m going to teach you in this video will make you a much better Photoshop user. They will make your compositions look much more realistic, and you’ll know what types of images you’ll need to complete a great composite.

You can get pretty much get everything else right, lighting, color, shadows, and extractions, but if the perspective is off, your viewer will know something is not right. They might not know exactly what it is, but they’ll know there’s something wrong with the image.

Don’t feel too bad if you’re making these perspective mistakes; I’ve seen movie posters and advertisements that are just horrible when it comes to perspective. 

Even some pros have problems with putting together multiple images from different sources.

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you’re out of your stupid mind thinking everyone needs TWEET when tuts like yours are available all over the Internet for FREE with social-networking


Fist I would like to ask, what was the purpose of leaving that comment. If you don’t like something, move on, were you hurt by this tutorial? Apparently you were very interested in the tutorial and wanted to LEARN from it, because you wanted to download the tutorial files.
If you can FIND tutorials “all over the internet” then please, go all over the internet and enjoy yourself.
I hope your day get’s better.
I for one, enjoyed the tutorial and learned from it.



That was rude and rather uncalled for !


Some people put a value on knowledge. I hope someday you will too.

George Wood

Yet again another super tutorial. A lot of work must have gone into it.
Thank you for your time and generosity, I have learned a lot.

Kimberly C

I was wondering if you could possibly provide maybe a cheat sheet document, or even and image on the diagrams you used for finding these points on the horizon and vanishing points that you used in this tutorial as a guide to look at when doing this. I tried to draw them but I do not do to well with drawing . Thank you.

Barry Rosenfeld

Using PSCC. After I select an object and create a transform bounding box and move the central point out of the box, the Shift+Option (Mac) does not move the object along the vanishing lines. Instead, this command moves the center point back into the center of the bounding box. I am running Mavericks 10.9…has the command changed on this OS version?

Mr Rouleur

This was a brilliant introduction to understanding perspective in composites. This maybe a little off-topic but how would you make the two women look more grounded ? To me, they seem to be floating a bit unless you have another tutorial that you can recommend me to look at that would address my question.


Wow, this was an awesome tutorial that was exactly what I needed. Really clear and useful.


I’m so glad I found your page and channel!

Thank you for the exceptional quality and the time taken. I’ll be browsing for hours I’m sure 🙂


First of all thanks for sharing this !! I learn a lot. Finally i understand why my composition doesn’t look right. But wanna learn more on this please make some more tuts on this waiting waiting …. 🙂
And i recently subscribe ur channel and love all of them but I thing this was the base of all thanks again !!