COLOR GRADING and TEXTURING a Photo in Photoshop – Recreate the Mr. Robot Poster Tutorial

In this video tutorial, you’re going to learn to recreate the Mr. Robot TV show poster in Photoshop.

To recreate this poster we will apply a cinematic color grade using a Selective Color Adjustment Layer to target the darks and neutral colors of the image. We will then work on creating the wall texture by combining filters and Blending Modes to make it seem as if the wall texture is over the actor.

The workflow that you learn in this Photoshop tutorial will be non-destructive, which means that that you can always go back and edit the effect any way that you like.

Mr. Robot Poster

This is an example of the poster that we are trying to recreate in this tutorial.

Adobe stock assets:


Wall Crack:

TypeKit Font Used:

Final Image

Drag The Slider To See Before & After

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