Easily Blur a Background in Photoshop with The Depth Blur Neural Filter

In this tutorial, you will learn to easily blur a background in Photoshop using the Depth Blur Neural Filter.

This tutorial uses the Depth Blur Filter in Photoshop 2022 and newer.
For older versions follow this this older background blur tutorial.

Tutorial Download

Final Image

Drag The Slider To See Before & After

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Steve Mckenzie

I have learnt so much! The very best teacher!


thank you so much Jesus! The tutorial was simple and precise too


Your tutorials are fantastic! Thanks so much for providing such amazing tutorials and information on Photoshop. I just followed along on this one but the hair brush you used in the tutorial was not in the tutorial files download. The download only had the image of the woman used in the tutorial. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us all.