How To Automatically Crop and Straighten Multiple Scanned Photos in Photoshop

If you want to scan and digitize old photos to retouch them in Photoshop, then make sure you use the auto-crop and straighten tool.

This Photoshop feature allows you to take a scan with multiple images and automatically crop, straighten and open each photo in its separate document!

I will also show you some of the most common problems you’ll encounter when scanning images and how to fix them!

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L Wood

THANK YOU!!! The “automate” > “crop and straighten” process is going to save me HOURS!!!

Mike Kopkas

I have tried using the Crop and Straighten Tool but it continually fails by cropping in the middle of several of the images. Any suggestions on what is going on here?

Chris Killingsworth

Why not add an easy option to include a selectable width border around the cropped photo?

And most of all, add some sort of control on how the auto crop selects the photo border- a sensitivity to the detection- often it does a terrible job on auto crop & straighten.