How To Create and Animate A Knockout Layer In Photoshop

In this video, I will show you how to create and animate a “Knockout” layer using the Advance Blending options (above Blend If) in the Layer Style window.

The Knockout blend allows you to turn a layer into something similar to a mask.

This type of layer punches through all the layers below it, and it reveals the bottom-most layer.

Unlike masks, you can apply layer styles to these knockout layers to create more interesting effects.

If you have any comments or questions, you can leave them below!

Final Image

knockout layer, layers, photoshop

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Ted McGuigan

Although I’ve been using Photoshop as a hobby for many years, every training video you publish teaches me something new. My sincere thanks for passing on your very high level of expertise so clearly. Again many thanks Jesus.

Jose Luis Vazquez

I´ve a question, The Photshop for beginers is in Spanish too ? Where I can get it in México City ? THANS FOR YOUR ANSWEAR