Amazingly Realistic Transparent Alien Egg

I have another great sci-fi-themed tutorial for you today (the first being the Photoshop zombie tutorial).

In this video tutorial, we’ll create an amazingly realistic transparent alien egg using just 5 images.

We’ll also create a background from scratch and add some cool highlights and shows to further enhance this effect.

In This Transparent Alien Egg Photoshop Tutorial You Will Learn How To:

02:20 – Create a background from scratch using the “Clouds” filter.
05:15 – Create a ground plane using an image of wood.
08:43 – Create a clear egg by manipulating an image of a bubble.
12:30 – Create an alien creature by manipulating an image of a salmonfly.
22:00 – Create highlights and shadows.
28:35 – Add bubbles & dust to the inside of the egg.
33:16 – Use an image of a jellyfish to create more egg details.
38:55 – Add color highlights to the ground plane.
44:45 – Create a vignette

Final Image:

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Fun and imaginative tutorial. Good work! Thanks

Bill Sydnes

I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this tutorial, I made mine into a unique baby picture as a zygote!


When making the color highlight layer, I was unable to use the eyedropper tool (brush tool + alt key) to select the colors. When pressed, I was only able to select the colors of the current layer (which were none). I had to select the alien layer, then select the color, re-select the highlight layer and add the color circle. In the video it shows that you were able to select the colors while staying on the current layer (color Highlight). Any ideas as to what the issue may have been? Why did I have to change the layers to select the colors and it appears that you did not. Thank you


Yes there it was right in front of my face. Thanks for the response and the great tutorial!


thanks for the article, very nice.

Zoe Una

Hi – Thanks so much for this tut. I learned a lot. Thank you!! 🙂

Zoe Una

Hi – Thank you so much for the tut. I learned a lot from it, and had lots of fun!! 🙂


How do you download the tutorial files? Nothing is happening when I follow the directions.


How do you download the tutorial files? Nothing is happening when I follow the directions.


I did the tutorial !!! I am soo pleased how it came out, so easy to follow even though I am new to Photo Shop.

Thank you ..
Going to try out many more now .

Over the moon Jim ………



Hi! I really loved your video, and i learned a lot!
Here’s my picture if you want to see it!

Keraz Deys

I don’t have any of those social networks and can’t download images [forever alone 🙁 ]


It’s my work 🙂 Thank you!


Great tutorial, you are great teacher. Thank you 🙂


I have register and watch your amazing tutorial on the alien egg, but im not a member of any of the groups below to gain access to the alien egg files, … can you help me please?

I wish to create this alien egg


Thank you! Thank you!, I got the files as instructed and completed the “Alien Egg” I’m just a novice but i think my alien came out pretty good! I don’t have a website or fb nor any of the other social networks but would love to post my work here if i knew how.

Once again you guys are great! and I’m following everything you do.
Thanks for your help with the files and really appreciate your skills


Hey i made the Alien Egg! Turned out to be very good! Thanks for showing us how to make it 😀


Kate Alukard

thx for everything

here is my image :>

comment image


Hello, I started working on this toturial today and have run into some issues. The 1st issue is that my “shadow” seems to come out more like a brown circle then a shadow, even though I followed your exact instrutions. In addition I am unable to create a highlight. The only spot I can get the highlight to show up is when I am directly on the shadow. It will not appear on the background or on the table at all. I’m not really sure how to continue at this point. Any help would be great!

Hypnotic Gnome

Thank you for this excellent tutorial, was perfect for Easter:-)
I share with you my try on it:
Kind regards,
Hypnotic Gnome


I used your fantastic tutorial here:
Thank you very much!


Here is mine Output
Very nice tutorial I have only been using PS like a week 😀

nick van Haasteren

Awsome tutorial thanks!!! I was thinking about climate change so i created this with the help of your tutorial:

let me know what you think of it and what i can do better!

thanks in advance,


nick van Haasteren

sorry this one is better

Nick van Haasteren

why did you remove my message?????

Nick van Haasteren

…. at first I didnt see them when I placed this comment they suddenly show up sry …..

Ammar Al Samman

I juts love how you are willing to share all your experience with all the people out there, this is really rare these days, i’ve been watching all your tutorials on your channels, i thought i was really good on using Photoshop but after seeing these videos i really felt like a Newbie…
Just keep it up man, you are a one of a kind.