ADVANCED Hair Masking In Photoshop (With BUSY Backgrounds)

In this tutorial, you will learn how to mask hair from complicated backgrounds in Photoshop.

We will start with a quick crash course on layer masks and the select and mask workspace.

Then we will use an image with a solid background to learn the basics and after that, we will work on a photo with a busy background.

You will learn how to create Photoshop Brushes to help you recreate hair when you simply cannot extract it from its background.

I’ve done a similar Hair Masking in Photoshop tutorial for Adobe that you can watch on Adobe’s website: Learn advanced techniques to cut out hair from complicated backgrounds.

In This Photoshop Hair Masking Tutorial, You Will Learn:

  • How Layer Masks Masks Work
  • Select and Mask Overview
  • Remove Person From Background (Solid Background)
  • Remove Person From Busy Background
  • Paint Strands of Hair
  • Painting With Hair Brushes
  • How To Make Hair Brushes in Photoshop
  • Final Image Breakdown
  • Camera Raw – Add Grain and Sharpen

Download Brush: (51841 downloads )

Check out this tutorial to learn how to cut out fur from busy backgrounds.

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David Moore

Thanks for this Jesús – you are one of the few people who not only tell what is possible with a tool or technique but also explain the limits. Too often tutorials by other trainers give the impression that everything is easy and then avoid illustrating the more difficult bits, which can be very frustrating for anyone building their skills.

Roger Garlin

A great tutorial as ever, and many thanks for these brushes JR!


The only channel which I check if am stuck with no clue in editing is PTC vids. You will always go beyond what is needed rather than being cut to chase to one thing only. Thank you JR 🙂


Cheers for the help bro…..really appreciated

Steve Choatie

I have watched several of your tutorials and I have always been impressed. I like your style of teaching, specifically you don’t waste a lot of video time talking about things that don’t add to the learning experience. This tutorial is awesome, just like the rest of your tutorials. I thank you very much for all the hard work you do in putting these together and offering freebies like the brush downloads.

Sanwar Haider

Thanks for the shortcut the tricks. Sometimes I also do this.

Ed Ward

Terrific tutorial, Jesus. I’d go as far as saying it’s the superlative tutorial on the subject. Way to go!

Bruce Lei

Thank you so much.

Pedro Oliveira

Very good masterclass.
Excellently well explained, with an accessible language.
Maybe the best explanation I found.

Raheel Hussain

Excellent Sir !

Soes Schroeder

Very informative, many thanks, the best one I have seen about hair masking.


Thanks for suggesting this tutorial with the 19.1 PS ‘Select Subject’ feature. It really fills in all of the gaps for using these new tools in Photoshop.


Just Awesome Sir

Tony Needham

Another informative tutorial. No bull just facts and helpful tips to guide any user through the difficult process of removing complex backgrounds. Appreciated the advice that not all elements are able to be captured with the selection tools and that sometimes you just have to create them yourself – along with the instructions and techniques on how to achieve them. Great work, Jesus.

Red Luna

Cool tutorial! Very useful. Also thanks for these brushes.

Nidhi Joshi

Excellent video. Thanks for brushes.


Bro you are awesome !!
I am working on Photoshop around 10 years , but not get any tutorial like this , Thanks a lot


Jan Riemersma

Hello, Jesús,
Thank you for this tutorial.
I’ve notice that it takes a long time to download the zip file with the brushes, and when I decompress it, it yields an error: “Error 32 – Broken pipe”. You may want to look into that.

Also, I feel I would benefit a lot more from your tutorial, if I could play around with the same source material as the ones you work on. Would it be possible to make the photo of the model and the background available for download?


thank”s brother poste good

Kent McPherson

I get a broken pipe error when I try to expand the zip file with the hair brushes. Anyone else get this?


I have watched several of your tutorials and it’s awesome.

Nina Khan

Thanks a lot for amazing tutorials


good job!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, thanks a lot. It is a great tutorial and as always, your presentation is so accurate that it helps me to easily understand all what you are explaining. Thank you also for making the brushes available to download.


Nice job


very nice

Jubayer Hossain

can you give me the pictures for practice purposes?


Thanks jesus


Dear Jesus!

I hope you’re doing well. I can’t thank you enough for all the things that I’ve learnt from you! This was amazing tutorial! Thank you so much!

Just would like to ask you may I use your offered brushes for commercial and paid works?

Take Care!

saucal saucal

Sure you may! Thanks for asking